WEcare about quality! We have gone to great lengths to make sure you are getting the very best CBD on the market. See what separates us from 99% of other CBD oils on the market. 

The difference in our CBD oil

94% Absorbable - According to New York University, regular CBD oil is only 6% absorbable which means the other 94% goes to waste. But a high quality, carefully made CBD oil like ours ensures that over 94% of the CBD oil actually gets absorbed.

1500% CBD Power - When CBD oil is made with the intention to get as much of it as possible into your body’s major systems, a lot of different technology has to go into it to make sure this happens. When the right combination is achieved, you get 1500% more CBD past the cell membrane, rejuvenating your cells to their young, normal, healthy state.

Unleashes all 300 benefits - In more than 12,797 peer-reviewed studies, It’s been found that hemp has approximately 300 direct health benefits. If you want to get the full benefit of all of these, you need to make sure your CBD is getting as efficiently and effectively delivered to your endocannabinoid system.

5x Delivery to your blood stream - The key to having a CBD oil that works is how fast and effectively in enters your blood stream. Having a combination of a water soluble, full spectrum, nano technology CBD oil ensures enough of it is getting delivered into your blood stream.

Making sure you get the most from your CBD oil

Enhanced Bioavailability - Terpenes are fatty oils found in the essential oils of almost all plants. They occur naturally in hemp and are extracted along with CBD and other compounds to create full-spectrum CBD products. These compounds work together and amplify each other’s benefits, a synergy known as the “entourage effect.” Terpenes increase CBD bioavailability and enhance the therapeutic effects of cannabinoids.

93% Effectiveness in pain relief - In a study published in the European Journal of Internal Medicine, 2,736 elderly patients were given CBD for occasional joint aches. After six months, 93% of patients reported relief.

99% Healthier inflammatory response - Inflammation can be related to a wide range of different health issues. If this inflammation goes untreated, it can result in more and more pain over time. Having enough CBD delivered to key receptors that manage this response ensures you are getting the most from your CBD oil.

15x with nano technology - The smaller molecules in our CBD oil allows it to be absorbed by more cells. It’s like IV power CBD, going straight into the bloodstream.

35 Infused botanicals - Every bottle of CBD is infused with 35 healing botanicals that support your body’s healing and addresses health and well-being directly. This is the only CBD oil in the world infused with these botanicals.

10x Effectiveness being water soluble - Water-soluble oil rapidly spreads throughout the body, delivering fast effects. It is far more effective and readily absorbed into the blood stream that most all other CBD products on the market, and can be up to 10 times more bioavailable than standard oils.


Supports healthy neural stem cell growth - The effective dlivery of CBD to receptors in the brain and nervous system is what supports this healthy growth. The key is having a CBD that has all the benefits of a water soluble, nano technology and full spectrum CBD oil.

67% better sleep - Researchers at the University of Colorado and Colorado State University followed 72 patients with sleep and anxiety-related disorders. After using hemp oil for one month, 79% of those participating reported experiencing less anxiety while 67% reported improved sleep.

450% Increased delivery - Why is hemp so powerful? Because it interacts with the most important system inside our bodies. One that is practically designed to work with the molecules in hemp. When we take it, our cells are rejuvenated and restored to their youthful state.


Dr. Alex Quantum 501 Oil
Dr. Alex Quantum 501 Oil

Dr. Alex Quantum 501 Oil


The 501 CBD contains 16.7 mL for each serving.

Ingredients: Purified water by reverse osmosis, Natural & artificial flavoring, 100% organic and terpene rich concentrated full spectrum hemp oil saponin extract, citric acid.

Suggested Use 2 Times Daily*: Use ½ mL in 8 oz of liquid. Stir and drink. ½ mL contains 8.35mg of Hemp Oil Concentrate. (mL measure is on the dropper).*Daily Value of Hemp Oil is not established.