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GEN3 HOLOS Alpha PEMF Wearable

GEN3 HOLOS Alpha PEMF Wearable

Circadian Rhythm Balance and Whole Mind-Body Performance

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The GEN3 HOLOS Balance Plus wearable offers 100% automatic Whole Mind-Body Balance and Performance 24/7 even when you are sleeping! A revolutionary wearable that is fully aligned with NASA's Multi-Million Dollar PEMF Research.


Offers gentle and intermittent Earth-based frequencies that are targeted to over 150 areas of the body and mind. Runs automatically at the optimal times of the day and night.


Available in two versions; GEN3 & GEN3 Plus. The plus edition includes additional programs and modes to further enhance the benefits.

  • Includes 1-year manufacturer warranty

  • Safe for adults and children

  • Quick start and expanded full features videos and guides

GEN3 StandardGEN3 Plus
Pendant Case & 24” NecklacePendant Case & 26” NecklacePendant Case + 24” Necklace + Clip on + Watch Band & Watch CasePendant Case + 26” Necklace + Clip on + Watch Band & Watch Case

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Reduce Stress & Feel Better Every Day

24/7 Self-Healing And Self-Regulation. "It has totally change my life!"

Our Most Comprehensive Device For Whole Mind-Body Balance

This remarkable device utilizes PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) and quantum resonant energy technology. It runs automatically, 24/7 with optimally-timed and targeted programs. The GEN3 HOLOS Alpha is designed to boost the body’s energy system and all it's biological rhythms, in turn, allowing for natural optimization of energy levels, stress reduction, immunity, toxic effects of EMF (e-smog), environmental toxins and travel, pain and inflammation, trauma and general well-being.

scans Your energy system and Adjusts  Automatically To Your Body

Automatically adjusts to your body! Each GEN3 features 10 user-activated boost programs of calm, sleep, ease std, energy acute, EMF, Skin-Aging, Inflammation, Emotional Shock, Tissue Repair, and Travel to help with short-term needs and acute support. Also includes 6 more boost programs for additional on-the-go support of ease advanced, perform (with program modes of prepare, perform & recover), space, uplift, peace & energy chronic.

How Does GEN 3 Work?

optimally-timed and targeted frequencies and magnetic energy patterns that are Earth-based and 100% native to our bodies to help energize, activate and interconnect the entire energy system and all it's biological rhythms over time

  • Entrainment Process

    The body and mind learn to resonate with native, healthy Earth-based frequencies and energy patterns.

  • PEMF & ARE

    Pulsed electromagnetic fields and proprietary Adaptive Resonant Energy (ARE) activate and interconnect the entire energy system and all it's biological rhythms over time.

  • Corrected Energy System

    The intelligence of the body will naturally begin restoring its full potentials in the whole mind and body.

GEN3 & GEN3 PLUS Features

Slightly Over the size of a quarter, highly impact and water resistant, and fully rechargeable (charge once per month)

GEN3 Standard

  • Two 100% Automatic 7-Day Program Cycles of Stress Release and Circadian Balance

  • 100%Automatic Personalized Scanning every 21 days with full calibration and scheduling of PEMF programs attuned to the individual user

  • Three NEW Automatic Support Levels of Low (Sensitive), Auto Rotate (Standard-default), High

  • 10 Manual, User Activated Boost Programs for short-term acute needs of Calm, Sleep, Ease Std, Energy Acute, Inflammation, Tissue Repair, Skin-Aging, EMF, Travel/Jet Lag, Emotional Shock, and  2 NEW Boost Programs of EMF and Skin-Aging.

  • Optional Customization of Boost Favorites, 24/7 Program Intensity, Boost Program Intensity

  • Optional USB Software Updates when new programs become available

  • 3-Step Quick Start Guide and Quick Start Video

  • Full Features Video and User Guide
Includes everything from GEN3 Standard, Plus:
  • Three 100% Automatic 7-Day Program Cycles of Stress Release, Circadian Balance, and a NEW 9-Week PTSD/Depression 24/7 Program Cycle

  • Six Additional Boost programs of peace, space, uplift, energy chronic - designed to pair with the PTSD/Depression 24/7 Program Cycle

  • EASE Advanced - Our original GEN2 EASE device, now fully incorporated into the GEN3 Plus, for advanced help with pain, inflammation and tissue repair.

  • PERFORM with 3 program modes of Prepare, Perform, Recover.  Our original GEN2 SPORT device now fully incorporated into the GEN3 Plus, for help with mental and physical preparation and performance of any kind and recovery afterwards. Works synergistically with all other device programs, for an extra layer of performance support.

Here's What THE GEN3 HOLOS Alpha Can Do For You

Resilience Against Toxic Effects of EMF

Improved Emotional Balance

Reduced Pain & Inflammation

Decreased Stress and Anxiety

Enhanced Energy Levels

Improved Sleep Quality

Brain Wave Balance

Decreased PTSD/Depression

Resilience Against Toxic Effects of EMF

Improved Emotional Balance

Reduced Pain & Inflammation

Decreased Stress and Anxiety

Enhanced Energy Levels

Promotes A Better Night Sleep

Improved Sleep Quality

Brain Wave Balance

Decreased PTSD/Depression

Dr.Alex's GEN3 Is Trusted By Thousands of Customers Worldwide

Start Living A Healthier Life

Bundle Dr.Alex's GEN3 And Save!

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GEN3 HOLOS Alpha PEMF Wearable + Trilogy For Health (Digital Version)

Bundle your GEN3 wearable and save! Get the GEN3 PLUS edition plus Dr. Loyd's Healing Codes for a reduced price.


Do Trilogy every day to reduce your internal stress to as close to ZERO STRESS as possible... and keep it there! I guarantee you'll love experiencing your transformation towards perfect health, or your money back.

$838.00Save 11%
$838.00Save 11%

Questions & Answers

How can it help me?

The body’s natural rhythms, regulated energetically by many energy patterns, involve constant regulation and adaptation in many areas including immunity, pain and inflammation, sleep quality, energy levels, stress reduction, and more. These natural rhythms get imbalanced by stress, toxins, EMF (toxic electromagnetic fields), lack of sleep, trauma and other life events which then throw our health and well-being off balance.

All the structures in our body, including our cells, organs, bones and tissues, even emotions, follow these rhythms and their innate energy patterns. These complex circadian rhythms are major governing factors in our wellness, and when in perfect balance, we are healthy and happy.

GEN3 HOLOS Alpha devices support optimization of the body’s energy patterns and their associated circadian rhythms when and where you need it most, allowing you to find optimum balance within your body and mind and enjoy your life more!

What does my purchase include?

- GEN3 Device with Pendant Case, Leather Necklace, Std USB - Type C Charging Cable, 1 Tool - for optional use  in unlocking case for core device removal.

- 7-Day, 24/7 Intermittent, Automatic Background Programs for stress and anxiety relief, Circadian Rhythm Balance and Alignment, Energy and Mental Clarity, EMF Protection, Earthing, and BrainWave Balance: Stress Release & Circadian Balance  (has Stress Release built in).

- Automatic, Ongoing Personalized Scans, Calibration and Scheduling of PEMF programs to stay attuned at all time to your individual priorities in over 150 areas of your mind and body.

- 10 User-Activated, Manual Boost programs for short-term, acute needs. Can be run at the touch of a button and turn off automatically for Calm, Sleep, Ease Std (Combo program for pain, inflammation and tissue repair), Energy Acute, EMF, Skin-Aging, Inflammation, Emotional Shock, and Travel and Tissue Repair.

- Quick Start and expanded Full Features Videos and Guides for easy to follow quick start and ongoing, easy to access learning tools for using and optimizing your Balance device. 
Is their customer support?

Responsive Support through our Help/Live Chat Desk or Direct Support Line M-F, 9-5 Mountain Time

Is there a return policy?

 Yes, there is a 30-day return policy and a full 1-year manufacturer's warranty.

What do I get in the add-on kit?
- Clip-On Lockable Case
- Lockable Watch Case with Watch Band
- 2 Additional Tools for optional use in unlocking cases for core device removal.
- Drawstring Carry Bag

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Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

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