What is Delta-8 THC?

What is Delta-8 THC?

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What is Delta-8 THC?


First, we will look at the National Cancer Institute for a definition of Delta-8 THC. It is a THC analog with analgesic, appetite-promoting and neuroprotective properties. It is slightly less effective than Delta-9, the main form of THC we get from cannabis.


There are only a few atomic bonds that separate Delta-8 from Delta-9 THC. Also, this material naturally exists in minimal percentages.


But companies like Oleum Extracts, Delta Effex and others who specialize in cannabis extraction find it helpful to extract such cannabinoids for the effects they provide and the purposes they serve.


Delta-8 can lift your mood, but much less intensely than Delta-9. Generally speaking, you may not experience those paranoid or anxious feelings when you use them. We'll talk more about what feelings Delta-8 causes you later on.


Is Delta-8 legal?


Yes, Delta-8 is legal in most states. It's banned by 11 states: Delaware, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island and Utah.

The legality of Delta-8 use in your state has nothing to do with the actual legality of cannabis. For example, cannabis is legal for recreational purposes in Arizona and Colorado but not for Delta-8. Each state has its own rules about Delta-8.

So, for all intents and purposes, it's currently allowed. All thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, as before, all cannabis products were considered illegal. But since no law explicitly prohibits cannabis-derived products, Delta-8 is currently legal.


As always, it's best to be careful about the laws in your state and county, as laws change from time to time. Before ordering, research the laws in the country you live in regarding cannabis products and products to ensure you don't have a problem with the law.


Is Delta-8 THC safe?


The short answer is probably as long as you follow all dosing instructions, buy Delta-8 from a reliable and reputable source and know your limits of how much you can take.


Those who take prescription drugs should talk to their doctor first before trying it to avoid any potential interaction with prescriptions.


You should also realize that, yes, some people have reported feelings of focus and clarity. But that does NOT mean that you should EVER get behind the wheel of a car or work with heavy machinery using Delta-8.


Most Delta-8 products have a label advising you to avoid such activity (and if the label is missing, buy for your Delta-8 elsewhere because any company that doesn't have such instructions is not concerned about its customers).


And those of you who have a low tolerance or have never taken Delta-8 before? You have to be very careful about dosing. Inexperienced users who have taken Delta-8 may experience the effects of taking too much of the drug and feel ill, with potential anxiety and panic attacks.


Taking too much THC can be very uncomfortable. Be sure to follow the instructions and wait patiently for the effects, as this will help create a more pleasant experience.


Fortunately, there have been no reported deaths from a cannabis overdose. You can view this information from the CDC. Even though you're not in physical danger, like with opioids, you still don't want to experience that unpleasant feeling.


Now for another aspect of safety: responsible purchasing. The three brands we showcase later in the article are ideal because they come from reputable brands that regularly check their products for effectiveness and purity. But not all brands are like that. Some are just saddled with the craze and want to make a quick buck for those who don't know any better.


How does Delta-8 make you feel?


According to the cannabis ministry, the experience varies significantly from person to person.


Many people have stated that they feel more empowered with less impact on their psyche. Many people like to use it to alleviate anxiety and pain while still being able to think clearly.


It is almost guaranteed that you will get a more pleasant experience by following the dosage instructions. Above all, you will feel very cold, even in stressful situations.


You should also expect stimulation of your appetite. It is not as intense as with Delta-9 when you eat everything nearby, but you may still feel a craving for a tasty meal or a flavor-filled snack.


Meanwhile, another felt like he was floating pleasantly just sitting in his chair. Some of us were hungry; others were hungry for nothing but a snack.


For you? It might have been different. Just make sure you are safe, comfortable and eating nearby for the first time. Do not drive or operate machinery. Follow the dosing instructions strictly.



THC Delta-8 chemistry

For this, we have to go back to chemistry class for a while. When we use the term delta in chemistry, we refer to the double bond in a compound's molecular structure.


Delta compounds contain more electrons and interact with our bodies differently from single-bonded cannabinoids. The only difference between Delta-8 and Delta-9 is the position of the double bond in the chain of the carbon atom.


Delta-8 has a double bond located on the 8th carbon chain, whereas the double bond of Delta-9 is situated on the 9th carbon chain. This may not sound complicated, but it is a big enough difference to create different effects both physically and cognitively.


You might think that this is something new, that some amazing researcher in the last five years has discovered this great cannabinoid, giving us everything we desire. Well, isn't that quick! It was founded in 1965 by the esteemed Dr. Raphael Meshulam, the hero of all cannabis lovers.


Since that day, scientists have been putting this cannabinoid to the test. For example, Delta-8 has been found to affect cancer treatment in children positively. In 1995. ! Patients noted that they felt relief from nausea caused by their chemotherapy after using Delta-8.


But how might this have affected you? Users who have taken Delta-8 claim that the highs are the same as Delta-9 but with some significant differences. For example, Delta-9 has a calming effect, and you are likely to be confined to the sofa.


Delta 8, meanwhile, can relax you, but others report feeling uplifted, focused and clear-headed. It's great if you like the benefits of THC, but you need to stay alert and, at the moment, perform your daily tasks of life.


And some research shows that Delta-8 can help your body create the neurotransmitter responsible for cognition, neuroplasticity, memory and arousal. This is known as acetylcholine. Ultimately, delta-9 may effectively maintain existing levels of acetylcholine in our brains, which could help Alzheimer's patients slow down the progression of the disease.


As with anything, users hoping to try Delta-8 THC should be careful to follow the dosage instructions strictly and talk to their doctors before use. Most users have reported only positive interactions with the cannabinoid, enjoying vaping, chewing gummies, and smoking colors day after day.


But be aware that Delta-8 can cause red eyes, rapid heartbeat, decreased motor coordination, drowsiness and changes in visual perception, among other things.


You may also find that your sense of time is distorted when using Delta-8. We will discuss ways to ensure safety when using Delta-8, but remember that everyone's experience will be different when it comes to this cannabinoid.


How is Delta-8 made?

Delta-8 THC is a natural cannabinoid that is part of cannabis. The concentration of this cannabinoid is very, very low. As a result, it would not make much financial sense to extract it and create products from it (it would be too expensive for the general public).


But the good news is that the structure of cannabinoids is similar, so with the magic of science, it is possible to convert one cannabinoid into another through a chemical reaction.


What's more, all of these cannabinoids occur naturally in the plant and, thanks to factors such as heat, light and time, can transform into each other. This happens, for example, when you smoke, and some cannabis enthusiasts are not even aware that this conversion takes place.


EVERY cannabinoid begins its life as a CBGA and then is synthesized naturally as the cannabis plant matures.


These conversions are typical, and the industry has learned to monetize them. They are performed regularly to create rare cannabinoids such as Delta-8, Delta-9, CBN and CBC, among many others.


Delta-8 is made in an exciting way, and for this, we once again go back to a chemistry lesson, courtesy of Delta Effex. To convert or isomerize CBD to THC, you have to dissolve a gram of CBD in 10 ml of 0.005 molar H2S04 in what is called glacial acetic acid.


Once it has dissolved, let the solution stand at room temperature.


This will take three hours, but the CBD will be converted to 52% Delta-9 and 2% Delta-8. Leaving the solution for three days, the CBD will be converted to 54% Delta-8, 10% Delta-8 ISO, 10% CBD and 15% Delta-9.


Because Delta-8 uses reagents, acids, and solvents, you need to know what you are doing when creating it. Only lab technicians with extensive training in the art of cannabinoid extraction and extensive training in the safety, use and maintenance of laboratory equipment should engage in such activities.


You also need trained professionals to do this because they know how to remove the reagents, solvents and other bases used in Delta-8 production once the final product is ready.


As you can see, obtaining Delta-8 from cannabis is not an easy task, but the possibilities are there, and as production of this cannabinoid increases, it will become increasingly more accessible. Techniques such as selective dilution, molecular isolation and distillation are being used to create concentrates loaded with Delta-8.


Once again, we can thank the legendary Dr. Mehulam for such a scientific feat, as he filed a patent for a recipe that you can use to convert CBD to Delta-9 and Delta-8 CBD back in 2004. You see, he was thinking way ahead of his time, as exceptional thinkers do! We call it isomerization, but it could be another word for amazing.


Other organizations might use thin-film distillation to produce goods. Using a vacuum, temperature and special laboratory equipment, Delta-9 can be converted into Delta-8.


Incredibly, these processes have been created to meet the growing demand.


The future of the Delta-8 THC?

Until the DEA says otherwise, Delta-8 is fine for now. The USDA recently decided to keep the tolerance for the Delta-9 THC at 0.3 percent in the Final Rule publication but said nothing about the Delta-8.


Because Delta-8 is made from a modification of CBD, which the DEA considers a synthesis of such a molecule, manufacturers and sellers of Delta-8 are subject to enforcement action by the DEA.


This is now a grey area for the industry. The best thing to do would be to pass MORE legislation that eliminates the DEA and decriminalizes marijuana.


Final thoughts on the Delta-8 THC

Thank you for reading as we strive to answer the question, what is Delta-8 THC? We hope that after this article, you will feel informed, educated and excited to try this innovative cannabinoid.


It's convenient, legal and safe when you buy from any of these reputable and professional sellers. Enjoy the experience and stay safe!


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