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Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Take Control of your physical and mental stress today


This breakthrough wearable technology can transform you into a stronger, healthier, and biologically younger person. Q3 significantly opens, strengthens, revives, and de-ages cells in test subjects by “canceling” internal stress and replacing unhealthy energy with healthy energy.

When the body absorbs these life-supporting frequencies, cells open into growth and repair mode.

  • Stay Protected

  • Stay Strong

  • Stay Youthful

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What you can’t see might be hurting you the most

Quantum 3 (Q3) is a breakthrough wearable technology that uses natural energy to eliminate stress and improve cell function, that helps our cells to fight and equalize against harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Think of a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, it works the same way!

Noise-cancelling headphones have built-in microphones that record outside noise. The headset can then create exact, equal, opposite frequencies to cancel the wavelength out. Our technology neutralizes harmful wavelengths that lead to internal stress and cell shutdown in the body. How? By effectively ‘cancelling out’ these wavelengths, or, instead. ‘charging’ with neutral ‘healthy’ wavelengths, providing our cells with protection.

Every homosapien has their own energy field. The size of that energy field varies for many different reasons...age, health or lack thereof, level of conditioning and so on. But for the sake of discussion let's say that an individual has an energy field that extends one inch out from their body. The frequencies that are downloaded into Q3 are all frequencies that are beneficial to the health and well being of people and animals. Much like the frequencies given off by sunlight and earthing...these are natural frequencies that are proven to be very beneficial to the body. Through a proprietary process we download these positive frequencies into the holograms that are then placed into the Q3 Bands that store those holograms/frequencies. When this process is completed we have created an energy field in each Q3 Band. Now, once that energy field in the Q3 Band comes in contact with the energy field of the individual wearing the Q3 Band, then the body will immediately start to absorb the positive frequencies given off from the Q3 Band. This happens at the speed of light and so it is, basically, instant! The body will continue to absorb these positive frequencies until the body has absorbed all that it needs of those frequencies, and then the absorption process stops. 

A natural example of this process is the Vitamin D we get from sunlight. Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin. That means that the body stores Vitamin D and therefore we can overdose on Vitamin D if we take too much of it orally. However, when we get out in the sun and the sunlight hits our skin, the body takes that sunlight combined with cholesterol and produces Vitamin D. We can be out in the sunlight for 10 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will never overdose on Vitamin D. The body knows when it has what it needs and it stops producing Vitamin D. 

The same is true of the Q3 Bands! They provide the body with the frequencies that the body needs to function at an optimal level, at all times, without forcing those frequencies into the body. The Q3 technology provides the body with everything that it needs to be strong, fully oxygenated for endurance and the ability to recover quickly from exertion. Get your Q3 Band and be blessed!!

Scientifically Tested And Validated

Q3 has been proven to be effective on both adults and children

See how Quantum 3 restores blood flow and oxygenation

Your blood cells are a large part of what determines your overall health and the way you feel day after day. Blood cells carry oxygen and blood - two critical life forces - which rely on the health of those blood cells.

See The Science

See The Science

The live blood samples were recorded on video, and the results were unlike anything we’ve ever seen. 

This live blood analysis video shows the switch from unhealthy, coagulated, slow-moving blood cells that stick together, which indicates very low oxygenation. After just a few minutes of wearing the Q3 Band, blood cells undergo a transformation. They are now separated and flowing more quickly, which indicate cells that are high oxygen. Doppler imaging tests show blood flow increased by an average of 18% within 15 minutes of wearing Quantum 3 technology. This was observed in a 72 year old test subject, before and after. We also experienced these same results in dogs and cats which are not affected by placebo.

Here's What Q3 Can Do For You

Reduce Physical and Mental Stress

Decrease Impact from EMF's*

Increase Energy, Strength & Endurance

Activate "Inactive" Muscle Mass

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Q3 Is Trusted By Thousands of Customers Worldwide

Meet Mike Flynt, the visionary owner and inventor of Q3, as Hollywood brings his inspiring life to the big screen. 

With a heartfelt foreword written by LeBron James, Mike's journey is chronicled in the captivating book, 'The Senior.' Discover how his unwavering dedication to sports and health has benefited countless individuals.

Start Living A Healthier Life

Bundle Your Q3 Band & Save!

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1 Q3 Cancellation Band (Slate) + 1 Q3 Vagus Patch

1 Q3 Cancellation Band (Slate) + 1 Q3 Vagus Patch

Bundle the Q3 band with the Q3 Vagus Nerve Patch and save!


The Vagus Nerve Patch gives you all the benefits of the Quantum 3 Band PLUS optimal vagus nerve function. Wearing them both together exponentially increases the benefits you receive from the technology


100% of test subjects had their pulse lowered within 60 seconds. The results can be dramatic.

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$115.00Save 8%
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Bundle of 4 Q3 Cancellation Bands (Slate) + Bundle of 3 Q3 Vagus Patches

Bundle of 4 Q3 Cancellation Bands (Slate) + Bundle of 3 Q3 Vagus Patches

Bundle the Q3 band 4-Pack with the Q3 Vagus Nerve Patch and save!


The Vagus Nerve Patch gives you all the benefits of the Quantum 3 Band PLUS optimal vagus nerve function. Wearing them both together exponentially increases the benefits you receive from the technology.


The #1 indicator that the Vagus Nerve has been clinically stimulated is a drop in pulse rate. We tested pulse rates on people ages 8 - 80 while wearing the Q3 Vagus Patch to show this stimulation. 36 out of 36 people (100%) of the people tested pulse rate went down within 5 seconds.

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$310.00Save 6%

Customer Reviews

Based on 163 reviews
Chris Brook
Q3 wearable stress cancellation band

This band is comfortable to wear 24 hours a day, and is quite stylishly designed to resemble a contemporary watch strap. I bought it in the hope that it would help protect me from the negative effects of emf from 5G cell phone and router radiation. I believe it helps me sleep better, and I feel relaxed and protected while wearing it. Of course, this might just be the placebo effect from wearing it. I would give the Q3 band 5 stars if it was waterproof and not just water resistant. It must be taken off for showers, swimming and other water sports and activities. I have almost forgotten about doing this a few times before showering! Overall, I am happy with my purchase of this product from Dr. Alex Loyd

Cristina Clark
Quantum 3 wearable cancellation band

I love this band! I got them for 4 of my family members too. Makes me feel calm. So excited to have this amazing technology!

Thank you for taking the time to provide your testimony for your Q3 stress cancellation band. We appreciate you!

Tuyen Tonnu
wearable stress cancellation band

I bought the band after reading the reviews about it. I have been wearing it for about 2 weeks and I DO feel more relax, calmer, and happier mood-wise. I strongly recommend that you give this band a try. You will not be disappointed!

Hi Tuyen, Thank you for letting us know your great experience with the Q3 band. We appreciate you sharing! Cindy with Dr. Alex's support team

Margaret Posnett

I have been wearing my Band for about four months now, and see incredible differences in my level of patience, definitely more confident about myself, and less jumpiness when unexpected things arise. I gave one to my husband for Christmas, and the change in him was almost immediate.....he's does a much more tolerable and nicer personality.....much nicer to be around. I also gave one to my daughter for Christmas, so we'll see how she is, because she has a very high stress job. I will let you know. I am totally happy with mine, and appreciative of Dr. Lloyd for getting this out for the peoples at this time of high stress and anxiety in the world.

Thank you for your wonderful testimony on wearing the Q3 band! We also appreciate you sharing with your family/friends.

Carol Swan

Great concept. Maybe need some more technical information Still awaiting an answer re measuring whether it is working. Concerned that magnets can be altered by being close to metal objects. Very good delivery of item.
Prompt delivery of item.

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Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

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Warning: Not Your Typical Disclaimer

You may have a hard time believing some of the test results you see below done over 12 years, because existing literature says they can't happen, at least not in 60 seconds, or 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, which is the time period they all occurred in. We are NOT saying these test results "prove" anything, and Q3 is not meant to treat diagnose or prevent any illness or disease. All tests were pre/post anecdotal design, not controlled for placebo. To us they are relevant data concerning health issues, and indicators. To be completely honest, some of the tests are not susceptible to placebo according to existing literature. How do you placebo a dog or a cat to dramatically change the quality of their blood in 5 min? or how do you placebo a person to reduce their biological age or reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in 60 seconds? As you might guess, there is no way to do that. For instance pulse rate can be effected by placebo, but you would never see that be 100%. Placebo tends to be around 30%, and maybe over 50% if it's really powerful. But placebo would never be 100%, which is what our pulse tests were - 100% had their pulse go down within 60 seconds. So, we present this as relevant data and indicators of what "might" now be possible for your life and those you love. We say, try it and see for yourself with a lifetime guarantee*