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Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Take Control of your physical and mental stress today

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This breakthrough wearable technology can transform you into a stronger, healthier, and biologically younger person. Q3 significantly opens, strengthens, revives, and de-ages cells in test subjects by “canceling” internal stress and replacing unhealthy energy with healthy energy.

When the body absorbs these life-supporting frequencies, cells open into growth and repair mode.

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Did you know that the human body was not designed to get sick… or become susceptible to disease… and yet it does, especially as we age.

But just because we age, doesn’t mean we need to be more vulnerable, especially with the new wearable health technology you’ll see here today.

And if you ever feel like worrying and stress is eating you alive... Or that it could be why you feel unhealthy why you can’t sleep, think clearly, feel achy, or is the reason behind every health condition people complain about today...

Well, it actually is... according to Dr. Thom Lobe, a highly accredited medical doctor, with degrees in western medicine, law, and alternative and complementary medicine. In fact, so does virtually every other doctor for the last 30 years, including one of the world’s preeminent experts on the health effects of ElectroMagnetic Frequencies and other “stress” pollution.

But today we have the technology to Cancel Stress and revive the body’s growth and repair function, so cells become healthier, stronger, and biologically younger.

The medical doctors and technicians who conducted many different medical tests were baffled when they witnessed a true breakthrough in Quantum 3 wearable technology that radically transformed 6 core health areas, indicating significant change within 30 minutes. 

“I have competed at the highest level of professional wrestling for over 30+ years, and I’m in as good, if not better, shape today as I was in my mid-30s. I’m asked consistently — “what’s your secret Jeff!?”. So, at 56 years of age it’s time I start revealing a few of my ‘secrets’! The Q3 Band is at the very top of the list — why?? Concisely, the Q3 Band gives me the ability to get more oxygen — the life blood of humans — and this single fact gives me the ability to improve every facet of my health — physical, mental, and emotional.”

Jeff Jarrett


President - Global Force Entertainment

All of the following changes were observed in test subjects after 1-30 minutes of wearing the Quantum 3 Technology.

✅ Improved blood flow (by 18%)
✅ Increased ability to hydrate (without drinking more water)
✅ Increased oxygenation (to 100%)
✅ Reversed biological cell age by 1-15 years (rejuvenation to younger state)
✅ Increased active muscle mass (stronger)
✅ Reduced body fat %
✅ Lower core temperature
✅ Reduced physiological stress (near zero stress)
✅ Increased energy/strength/endurance
✅ Decreased negative impact from cell phones/EMF's

Why should you care if your cells are stressed?

Cells are not able to grow, repair, or operate at this optimal level when stress is present. Stress “closes” cells and minimizes their functioning.

However, all of these changes when wearing Q3 technology prove that stress has been significantly reduced or eliminated. In the absence of stress, cells are able to “open” and return to maximum functioning levels. Growth and repair accelerates, until optimal health is achieved. 

Tests show that when Q3 technology is worn, the body is revived, strengthened, protected, and biologically de-aged at the cellular level. The more you wear it, the better the health benefits.

Scientifically Tested And Validated

Q3 has been proven to be effective on both adults and children

See how Quantum 3 restores blood flow and oxygenation

Your blood cells are a large part of what determines your overall health and the way you feel day after day. Blood cells carry oxygen and blood - two critical life forces - which rely on the health of those blood cells.

See The Science

See The Science

The live blood samples were recorded on video, and the results were unlike anything we’ve ever seen. 

This live blood analysis video shows the switch from unhealthy, coagulated, slow-moving blood cells that stick together, which indicates very low oxygenation. After just a few minutes of wearing the Q3 Band, blood cells undergo a transformation. They are now separated and flowing more quickly, which indicate cells that are high oxygen. Doppler imaging tests show blood flow increased by an average of 18% within 15 minutes of wearing Quantum 3 technology. This was observed in a 72 year old test subject, before and after. We also experienced these same results in dogs and cats which are not affected by placebo.

Dr. Alex has been featured on

The Impossible, Just Became Possible!

Tests showed 81.9% of the people who wore Quantum 3 technology had nearly ZERO STRESS (Stress Cancellation) in 30 minutes or less.

Tests also showed 91.8% of the people who wore Quantum 3 technology became biologically younger, stronger, or better hydrated in 60 seconds.

Tested and Proven On Real People

Many different areas of health on test subjects showed dramatic change from the effects of Quantum 3 technology, using:

Live Blood Analysis

Heart Rate Variability

Doppler Imaging

BIA Test Results


Electro Dermal Screening

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Phase Angle Testing Shows Quantum 3 Can Biologically De-Age, Revive, and Strengthen The Body

Today we have a breakthrough in medical testing. The Phase Angle test is recognized by more and more board-certified physicians as the “state of the art” method to determine the health, integrity (strength), and age of a cell using BioImpedance Analysis (BIA) equipment.  The Phase Angle test measures approximately 30 different aspects of cellular health and functioning. The machine and testing it does is highly specialized, and requires a doctor or technical operator who understands proper calibration and settings to assure accurate readings. 

What does the Phase Angle tell you about your health?

Scientists describe Phase Angle as a direct measurement of the integrity of the cell membranes and how well a cell is functioning. In other words, it tells us how well our “batteries” are working.

Healthy body cells will have a higher Phase Angle, and a lower Phase Angle will indicate unhealthy cells or disease (acute or chronic). In some hospital settings, clinicians have used Phase Angle to monitor the growth or recovery of tumor cells. (1)
The results are one of the only ways to measure the health and biological age of cells.

Remember, your biological age is your true age. It is a more reliable indicator of your health and vitality (how you feel) than your chronological “birthday” age.

In general, the higher your Phase Angle score, the younger, stronger, and healthier you are.

(1)  International Journal of Health & Allied Sciences • Vol. 3 • Issue 1 • Jan-Mar 201

🌟 A HIGHER Phase Angle means:

🔹 Healthier cells
🔹 Higher functioning cells
🔹 Gain in muscle mass
🔹 Decrease in fat
🔹 Decrease in biological age

❄️ A LOWER Phase Angle means:

🔹 Less healthy cells
🔹 Lower functioning cells
🔹 Loss of muscle mass
🔹 Increase in fat
🔹 Increase in biological age

Phase Angle Testing of Q3 Wearable Technology 

We randomly tested 15 people from ages 12 to 72, and the results were unlike anything the doctor who ran the test had ever seen, or test is usually capable of showing.

Another more recent round of testing on more sensitive and state-of-the-art equipment showed an “impossible” positive change in biological age, strength, or hydration in 9 out of 10 people within 60 seconds of wearing Q3 technology. 

Increased the strength of muscle cells for test participant's immediate use:

Phase Angle tests showed increases in Skeletal Muscle Mass (SMM). These are the muscles that can be grown and developed. Unlike Lean Body Mass (LBM), which includes everything that isn't body fat, an increase in SMM is real, immediate muscle gain.

Biologically de-aged test participants: 

Dr. Zach Bush is a physician and researcher, triple board certified in internal medicine, endocrinology and metabolism.

Dr. Bush explains that an increase in Phase Angle from 5.6 to 6.4 (14.3%) over a nine-month time period was the equivalent of reversing your biological age by 10-15 years. 

Our tests measured nearly the same improvement (12.6%), using Quantum 3, in a matter of seconds. 
Dr. Bush explained that people who are sick and get this test typically have a Phase Angle around 3, and usually only have a few months to live.  

Dean was one such person.

Dean has been battling many different health conditions for most of his life – a malfunctioning immune system, major testosterone imbalances, and weakness overall.

After testing, Dean told me his Phase Angle was 3. I knew what this meant, but he wasn’t understanding completely, so I told him…
“I’m sending you the Quantum 3 technology. As soon as you get it, put it on and do not take it off, except to shower. Call me in a few weeks to let me know how you’re doing.”

After wearing the Q3 technology for just 18 days, he was tested again. 

Dean’s Phase Angle went from 3 to 7!

And… his doctor said his testosterone levels have never been as high as they were after wearing the technology. 

It’s as if Dean’s age and condition reversed to his teenage years!

Again, this was another doctor who couldn’t believe the “magic” turnaround in Phase Angle and overall health. So he called the manufacturer to check if his Phase Angle machine was working correctly, and it was.

Note: Though many hospitals use the Phase Angle test to show improvement in cancer cells during treatment, regular doctors and medical facilities don’t usually have this machine, let alone a practitioner who knows the intricacies of testing with it.

Thermography Testing

Thermography is used to identify heat in the body by using a unique infrared camera to show early signs of health problems. For example, thermography can detect heat as a precursor warning to conditions such as strokes, pain, nerve damage, and arthritis.

Experts like Dr. Martin Pall find that such heating of the head by cell phones is caused by battery heat, microwaves, and other electromagnetic frequencies. 

To test Quantum 3 technology using thermography, we held a cell phone to each participant’s ear for just 3 minutes – once with no protection, and once with the person wearing Quantum 3 technology.

This heat was clearly shown to be neutralized by the Quantum 3 technology.  

In each case holding the phone without the Q3 technology dramatically increased the temperature of the subject's head and neck within those 3 minutes. 

Also, in each case holding the phone with the Q3 technology decreased the temperature of the head and neck, even below their normal resting temperature!

WITHOUT Q3 PROTECTION (against cell phone frequencies)

WITH Q3 PROTECTION (against cell phone frequencies)

Heart Rate Variability Testing

Quantum 3 brings balance into stressful states

Results indicate that 19 out of 22 moved into a state of physiological clinical balance (non-stress) after 30 minutes of wearing Quantum 3 technology. In addition, the overall group had just under 40% more power (energy for the day) 30 minutes after putting on Quantum 3 technology. Standard deviation also significantly improved.

Heart rate variability is the medical test for stress. It’s also a way to measure resilience. It detects variations in our heart rates in milliseconds. 

What makes Heart Rate Variability so effective for Quantum 3 tests is the fact that it can reflect changes in stress even while other physiological parameters, like blood pressure and heart beat, are still in normal or accepted ranges, or remain unchanged.
The late, great Dr. Ben Johnson conducted Heart Rate Variability testing on Quantum 3 technology, and the results were statistically highly significant.

Dr. Ben Johnson (1950-2019) was a renowned health expert and a truly exceptional physician. Not only was he an accomplished medical doctor (MD), he was also a skilled osteopathic physician (DO) and a doctor of naturopathic medicine (NMD). 

In addition to his medical career, Dr. Johnson served in the armed forces during Vietnam and was a flight surgeon in the Army reserve for many years. He was a Senior Aviation Medical Examiner for the FAA for 12 years.

His extensive medical training and background made him a leader in the field of complementary, integrative, and alternative medicine, as well as an expert in complementary cancer care, thermography, diagnostics, and non-drug-based healing approaches he championed.

One of these healing approaches is Quantum 3 technology. 

Dr. Ben was using a program from Biocom technologies with a computer-based Heart Rate Variability setup. 

In clinical terms, “out of balance” indicates a physiological state of internal stress. This means that the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions is in a stressed state. The opposite is “in balance” where the body is not internally stressed.

However, you can be in balance, but with low energy, and typically stress is the cause of this lack of energy. When measuring “total power,” it is the total amount of energy you use to perform daily activities. 

Dr. Ben's Pre-test:

📚 22 subjects, ages 17-84
🔍 16 were measured out of balance, 6 in balance
⌚ Each person put on a Quantum 3 band for 30 minutes
Dr. Ben's Post-test:

🔁 13 out of 16 (who had been out of balance) were now in balance
💯 All 6 who had been in balance for the pre-test were still in balance
💡 Results indicate that 19 out of 22 moved into a state of physiological clinical balance (non-stress) after 30 minutes of wearing Quantum 3 technology
💪 In addition, the overall group had just under 40% more power (energy for the day) 30 minutes after putting on Quantum 3 technology
📊 Standard deviation also significantly improved

Bill Dickerson is just one of countless people now feeling the Q3 difference…

“I was really doubtful that this quantum band around my wrist would do anything at all, however 2 weeks after wearing my Quantum 3 band, I noticed lots of welcomed changes to my health and life. For example, my heart was no longer skipping beats as it had been doing so erratically for over a year. My doctor’s cardiology nurse practitioner told me that I had the worst pattern she’d ever seen, which is not what you want to hear. But now, my heart has not skipped a single beat in over two weeks and counting, AND I have far more energy. I can play 18 holes of golf, hike 2-3 miles, and zip around all day working the business I own… and I’m 73 years old! In fact after the first 18 holes, I could play another 18! NO ONE IS EVER TAKING THIS AWAY FROM ME! I haven’t been able to do anywhere near this kind of activity and I haven’t felt this good in years. I just wake up feeling younger and better, and get to work with a ton more energy and focus. Wearing the Q3 band is the only change I have made, so I definitely attribute all these life changes to Quantum 3.” – Bill Dickerson 

Quantum 3 Health Is A True Paradigm Shift... 

The development of Quantum 3 wearable technology is truly a new paradigm, where for many different health issues, you can see results within minutes for conditions that typically take months or years to improve, if at all.

The definition of a paradigm shift is when results consistently happen that have not happened before.

The key to this breakthrough is that Quantum 3 technology uses ENERGY to help your cells function better, in virtually everything your cells do for you. 

How does Quantum 3 energy help your cells function so much better?

When your cells are not using all their resources to survive all kinds of stress, including 4G and 5G electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and other man-made threats, cells are able to switch from a “CLOSED” protection state, to an “OPEN” growth and repair state. 

Health, Strength, And Biological Age Are Only A Matter Of Having MORE Cells Open And In Growth Mode, Than Closed Cells In Protection Mode

We asked the very best cell scientist we could find how energy affects cells.

Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, is a world-renowned cellular biologist and quantum physicist. His pioneering research led to the creation of today’s revolutionary new field of epigenetics, and much of the foundation that developed into the medical fields of Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology.

Dr. Lipton’s groundbreaking cell research at Stanford Medical School showed that:

Cells are either open and in growth mode OR closed and in protect mode…

But they cannot be both.

“The mechanisms that support growth and protection cannot operate at the same time,” (2) says Dr. Lipton.

Remember: The key to achieving and sustaining your best possible health then, is to have more cells open in growth and repair mode with positive energy, than closed cells in protection mode with negative energy.

(2)  Lipton, 1991, “Biology of Belief,” pg 115
Cells that are OPEN:

📈 Are in growth mode, instead of protect mode
🩺 Are impervious to disease, according to Dr. Bruce Lipton
🏎️ Have fully-powered mitochondria "engines"
💪 Function not just normally, but optimally
🌪️ Effectively process oxygen, blood, water, energy, nutrients, etc.
🗑️ Effectively eliminate waste and detoxify
🛡️ Keep your immune system high-functioning
🌱 Continuously grow, nourish, and repair you
⌛ Stay biologically younger for a longer time
🧱 Have stronger cell membranes with higher integrity
Cells that are CLOSED:

🛡️ Are in protect mode, instead of growth mode
⛔ Do not function normally, let alone optimally
🔋 Have sluggish, low-powered mitochondria "engines"
❌ Cannot fully or efficiently process oxygen, blood, water, energy, nutrients, etc.
🚫 Do not effectively eliminate waste or detoxify
🧪 Have weak cell membranes that lack integrity
🤒 Are more vulnerable to dysfunction, sickness, and disease
In this vulnerable, declining, closed state, it’s no mystery that your body is more susceptible to unnecessary aging and minimal to no ability to heal from injuries, sicknesses, and disease.

Only open cells can fully and efficiently process oxygen, blood, water, energy, and all other nutrients you need not just to survive... but to PEAK PERFORM in everything you do.

This is great news for people who have been battling all kinds of health conditions – from minor aches and pains to severely debilitating issues.

We’re not saying that Quantum 3 technology cures anything. But what a Quantum 3 band can do is strengthen and stabilize cells, so the body can heal itself. 

When cells function with higher levels of blood, oxygen, water, energy, and nutrition, and are not suffering the effects of stress, the body can thrive in a constant growth and repair state. 

It’s why so many people, especially those well into their 70’s and 80’s, say Quantum 3 has restored their life and good health.

Q3 Is Trusted By Thousands of Customers Worldwide

Exactly HOW does the NEW Q3 Technology work?

Stress Cancellation Wearable Technology

Quantum 3 works just like noise-cancelling technology. Simply put on Quantum 3 wearable energy technology to get all the life-supporting frequencies…

Quantum 3 (Q3) is a breakthrough wearable technology that uses natural energy to eliminate stress and improve cell function, that helps our cells to fight and equalize against harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Think of a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, it works the same way!

Noise-cancelling headphones have built-in microphones that record outside noise. The headset can then create exact, equal, opposite frequencies to cancel the wavelength out. Our technology neutralizes harmful wavelengths that lead to internal stress and cell shutdown in the body. How? By effectively ‘cancelling out’ these wavelengths, or, instead. ‘charging’ with neutral ‘healthy’ wavelengths, providing our cells with protection.

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Like A Tuning Fork: Quantum 3 Creates Optimal Health And Harmony Throughout Your Body

One of the best reasons to wear Quantum 3 energy technology at all times is to keep your body “tuned” to as close to perfect health and harmony as possible.
all have a unique energy field that radiates at a certain power depending on how healthy you are.We all have a unique energy field that radiates at a certain power depending on how healthy you are.

An Olympic athlete will have an energy field that radiates out several inches from their body.

Someone in a nursing home may have an energy field that’s less than an inch.  

Energy in the body gets disrupted and depleted to some degree, depending on how much stress and pollution are disrupting and depleting the energy INSIDE EACH CELL, which then affects how well your cells can function.

However, when the photon energy from the Quantum 3 band is absorbed into the body, it instantly works like a tuning fork, providing a constant stream of the IDEAL HEALTHY ENERGY frequencies the body must have to function at its best. These are drawn from a pool of specific, known frequencies used by the body to restore itself, combined to give youthe most powerful cocktail of healthy energy frequencies in history every moment of every day, even while sleeping.

This causes a domino effect at the cellular level, as this energy makes its way into each cell’s energy field and establishes new healthy patterns, opens your cells, and creates a natural harmony by unblocking and strengthening all cellular processes… especially those that are blocked or weakened, which is different for everyone.

When you correct these energetic imbalances, your body’s systems return to stability and homeostasis (balance). The cell's membrane also grows stronger and more stable, which makes every tissue, muscle, and organ in your body healthier…

This, by definition, makes you biologically younger.

How is this possible? It All Comes Down To ENERGY

Remember back in high school science you learned Einstein’s E=mc2? It proved that EVERYTHING in the universe is made of energy. 

Your body is 100% energy-made and energy-driven. Every cell, tissue, muscle, organ, and system… is made of energy. Every process in the body... requires energy.

Look inside your cells and you’ll see one big energy party going on! 

Molecules, electrons, protons, neutrons, atoms, photons… all just a bunch of different energies swirling around. 

The only thing “solid” about a cell is its membrane, which is either weak and struggling to function, or strong and thriving. The healthier and stronger your cell membrane is, the healthier and stronger your tissues, organs, and everything else in your body will be. 

Sale Off
Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Take Control of your physical and mental stress today

$65.00$200.00Save 68%

Before $200, With JJ Discount Only $65 Today!

This breakthrough wearable technology can transform you into a stronger, healthier, and biologically younger person. Q3 significantly opens, strengthens, revives, and de-ages cells in test subjects by “canceling” internal stress and replacing unhealthy energy with healthy energy.

When the body absorbs these life-supporting frequencies, cells open into growth and repair mode.

  • Stay Protected

  • Stay Strong

  • Stay Youthful

Black W/BuckleSlate W/ClaspSlate W/Buckle

30-day refund

Money back guarantee

Secure Payment

Multiple payment options

What forces cells into survival mode and fighting for their survival in the first place?

The simple answer is Internal Stress.

Think about it:

If you were running from a tiger, would you be worried about growing?

OF COURSE NOT! You’d put everything you had into protecting your existence… minimizing all functions except those to help you survive danger. Preserving energy for running (flight) or fighting back (fight).

Well, your cells do the same thing any time there’s a threat … which you might not realize is all the time.

Every day your cells must deal with many different threats, which creates internal stress. But your body can’t tell whether these threats are real (like toxins and damaging electromagnetic frequencies), or imagined (like a scary memory)... so your cells react to all of them!

This flight/fight response causes your cells and all your visceral organs to become loaded with shut-down signals, and everything the cells do and produce are reserved to either run or fight back. 

In this threatened state, cells “close down” and all growth, repair, and processing of oxygen, blood, water, energy, nutrients, and other life-generating activities are minimized.

“We are constantly besieged by multitudes of unresolvable worries about our personal lives, our jobs, and our war-torn global community… resulting in chronically elevated stress,” says Dr. Bruce Lipton, PhD, quantum physicist, and world-renowned cellular biologist. 

The proportion of cells in a protection response depends on the severity of real or perceived threats. Without protecting your cells against this stress, your growth, health, and vitality will be severely compromised, especially as time goes on.  

That’s because a closed cell is the only kind of cell that can get sick, while open cells in growth mode are impervious to disease. When closed cells stay closed in protection mode for too long, it doesn’t take long for the cell to become weak and compromised, according to Dr. Lipton.. 

But it gets worse..

“Almost every major illness that people acquire has been linked to stress.” says Dr. Lipton.

In fact, for more than 30 years, the Center For Disease Control, and virtually every doctor and scientist agree that stress – and the harmful energy chain of reactions it causes – is the source of up to 95% of all illness and disease.

Where is all this stress coming from?!

We live in a world that’s constantly blasting man-made pollutants into your cells. 

Remember... any kind of stress (real or perceived) is a threat that signals your cells into protection mode, where growth and repair are minimized and survival becomespriority #1.

Toxins, chemicals, bad foods, dirty water, smoggy air, pesticides, and genetically-modified products are all man-made health threats that have become part of our daily lives and are simply unavoidable.

These pollutants move through every cell in the body as we breathe, eat, drink, lather, and slather every cell inside us with all these “new and improved” products.

And it’s what you can’t see that might be hurting you the most…

The newest 5G cell technology coming to every corner will literally blanket everywhere we live, work and play with ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) that are 100 times more powerful and damaging to your cells than 4G.

4G was already damaging our cells… 

And soon we’ll be constantly affected by 5G wavelengths that extend well into the Extremely High Frequency (EHF) spectrum...

Add all the other EMF’s from computers, wi-fi smart meters, microwaves, x-rays, and every other device in our ever-expanding digital world…

We’re all going to have some very sick cells.

“In the era of technology that we presently live in, there is pollution that we don’t hear, smell, see, taste, or feel. This kind of pollution is caused by cell phones, computers, televisions, microwaves, household appliances, external and internal power lines, etc. 

These pollutants are known as EMF’s (electrical magnetic fields) and ELF’s (extremely low frequencies). When the EMF and ELF pollution is emitted from different sources of technology, the brain absorbs that pollution, which disrupts the photons in the body, robbing it of strength and energy. These pollutants cause an imbalance of energy in our cells and free radicals.”

Sure our cells are designed to handle a little pollution...

But today, we are surrounded by SO MUCH pollution 24/7…

Experts say there will be few places on the planet to escape it. If you think you can escape the damaging effects by simply not using the technology, think again. 

5G towers will soon be installed on every corner in every town, city and country, emitting the highest public electromagnetic frequencies ever allowed, with no research that says they’re safe.  

Because 5G has such short frequency wavelengths, they can easily lose a signal behind a tree, a building, or even in a rainstorm. So to overcome these obstacles, cell towers will need to be placed every 30 yards (about every 3-5 houses) to avoid signal loss. The same goes for every school, workplace, shopping, and entertainment area.

All this Bigger, Better, Faster comes at a price… our health. 

With bigger, faster machines, downloads, and countless other advances – our exposure is literally “stacking up” to cause countless health risks to your body. 

These EMFs are being blamed for causing everything from the most common, everyday complaints to the most complex, serious health problems of today.

According to Dr. Lobe, this man-made pollution…

“Literally eats our bodies alive...”

Dr. Martin Pall couldn’t agree more. As the country’s preeminent medical expert on ElectroMagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s), he says that all these EMF’s are damaging your health in almost every way.

Dr. Martin Pall, MD, PhD, biochemistry and genetics, California Institute of Technology, physics, John Hopkins University, who is one of the world’s top experts, a scientist specializing in the effects of electromagnetic fields, is incredibly concerned.

Dr. Pall says that, “The EMF exposures we already have are having major effects on our health, and 5G will be far worse than anything we’ve been exposed to, with a vastly larger hit to public health.”

In fact, says Dr. Pall, “All of the things people complain about right now, we know, are caused by electromagnetic fields. We are taking risks of this sort that no rational society could possibly take.”

40,000 studies show 5G could become the biggest health crisis of our time...

Research from top doctors, scientists, and technology leaders site the following health risks of electromagnetic wavelengths like 5G, including:

🔔 Ringing in the ears

💔 Irregular heart beats

🤐 Numbness and tingling

🙃 Mood swings

😭 Emotional instability

🧬 Permanent DNA damage

🤕 Headaches

😴 Insomnia

🧠 Foggy brain

🤯 Inability to concentrate

😫 Fatigue

🤢 Weakness

😰 Nervousness

🚫 Infertility

💔 And countless other physical, mental, and emotional health issues...

See, it’s not just the IONIZING wavelengths on the far right of the spectrum that are dangerous. We now know that even the lower-level NON-IONIZING frequencies damage your health too.

More than 240 scientists who have published peer-reviewed research on the health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF)...

“EMF affects living organisms at levels well below most ‘safe’ guidelines. Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, structural and functional changes of the reproductive system, learning and memory deficits, neurological disorders, and negative impacts on general well-being in humans.”

At least three major expert medical groups agree, and have scientifically linked 5G EMF to almost every kind of health problem, including the World Health Organization, the NIH National Cancer Institute, and the European Health Commission.

The new 5G wavelengths will extend into the Extremely High Frequency (EHF) band of 30GHz-to-300GHz millimeter wavelengths. In the past, these higher energy levels have been used for radars and microwaves.

See The Science

Consider this...

A microwave oven cooks food using 2.45 GHz.

The US Army’s microwave crowd control weapon heats people’s skin from a distance using 95 GHz. 

In other words, since 5G wavelengths are between 30-300 GHz, “5G will be using 10 to 40 times the frequency that our microwave ovens use to cook our food”… without the protective screen that microwaves have!

Why the U.S. and Europe say we are now more vulnerable and unprotected as ever

United States Senator Richard Blumenthal held a special hearing with the leaders of cell phone companies asking for safety studies. The answer was no studies have been done, no studies were planned, and that 5G had not been proven to be safe.

“We’re flying BLIND here with the public’s health and safety,” said Senator Blumenthal. There is no research.” 

Maybe we should listen to the European countries, who are ahead of the United States in 5G implementation.

Newsweek reported on a landmark 5G case that shouldn’t be ignored…

“For the first time ever, a judge in Italy has ruled that excessive cellphone use can result in brain cancer. Roberto Romeo, 57, worked for Telecom Italia, a telecommunications company, for 15 years and said 3 to 4 hours per day use of his mobile phone for work-related purposes caused him to develop a tumor in his brain… after a medical examiner determined Romeo's brain cancer damaged 23 percent of his bodily function.”

Now you can see... 

Why Protecting Your Cells MUST Become Your #1 Priority... 

Remember, you started as ONE CELL…

Then your one cell divided into two cells, and then into 4 cells, and so on, until all of your cells became… YOU.

If you understand one cell, then you understand the entire body, because really, we’re all just a bunch of cells!

Your cells are responsible for everything life-generating, such as processing oxygen, blood, water, energy, nutrients, and eliminating waste and toxins. 

It’s just a fact that the way you feel and whether or not you’re able to live life to the fullest all comes down to the performance of your cells. 

You’ve probably heard the old saying, “You’re only as young as you feel,” but that’s not quite right.

The biological fact is:

You’re only as healthy as your cells are healthy.

You’re only as energized as your cells are energized.

You’re only as strong and your cells are strong.

You’re only as old as your cells are old.

Introducing… Quantum 3 Wearable Energy Technology 

The easiest, most cost-effective way to get the healthy energy cells MUST HAVE to stay:


Open, strengthen, revive, and de-age cells by “cancelling” internal stress, and replacing unhealthy energy with healthy energy.

When the body absorbs these life-supporting frequencies, cells open into growth and repair mode, and tests prove benefit in many core areas such as...

💨 Improved blood flow (by 18%)
💦 Increased ability to hydrate (without drinking extra water)
🌬️ Increased oxygenation (to 100%)
⌛ Reversing biological cell age by 1-15 years
💪 Increased active muscle mass
📉 Reduced body fat %
🌡️ Lower core temperature (considered a stable measure of anti-aging and longevity)
💆 Reduced physiological stress (to nearly zero)
⚡ Increased energy/strength/endurance
🚫 Reduce energy blockages
📵 Decreased negative impact from cell phones/EMF's

When cells are open, strong, and functioning 100%...

👍 Many health problems are minimized or completely eliminated
🩸 Immune system switches from low to high
🤕 All-over body aches and discomfort decrease
🧠 Energy and focus increase
💪 Strength, endurance, and stamina increase
🏃 Walking running, biking, and all sports are improved (has freed many people of canes)
💨 Recovery and repair are faster, more complete
💩 Constipation and indigestion regulate
😴 Sleep is sounder, more restorative (even in major insomniacs)
🚽 Nighttime bathroom visits decrease
🩺 And all other health parameters stabilize, balance, and improve


It’s just “simple” Quantum Physics.

Photons: The life-supporting light frequencies every body needs

ALL BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES interact with photons.

In 1905 Einstein described a certain type of energy that was so basic and interactive to all life processes, he called it a “photon.” 

Photons are naturally all around us, and they’re inside us. 

In fact, your body literally glimmers with the light of photons.

Photons are little energy packets that travel at the speed of light. They literally fly in and out of your body at warp speed. 

And now we know that photons interact and affect every cell function in your body.

A photon is the very smallest unit of all life matter… the tiniest particle inside each atom of all things, living and nonliving (Einstein’s E=mc2). 

Photon, meaning the very smallest unit… is virtually the same meaning as Quantum. 

In physics, a quantum is: the minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction. 

Today we now know that ALL BIOLOGICAL PROCESSES interact with photons. So by definition, photons are basic to all of life, and every life process.

Photons are The Energy of Life...

It’s why photons can open and maximize every cell’s function...

We asked Dr. Bruce Lipton two critical questions when developing Quantum 3 technology:

Can a photon penetrate a closed cell? Yes, says Dr. Lipton. A photon is a stable energy that can get inside a cell. Molecules, for example, cannot penetrate a cell, because they’re too big.

If a photon penetrates a closed cell, can that photon cause a closed cell to open? Yes, says Dr. Lipton.

Once inside your cells, photons work in miraculous ways.

Photons are pure energy. They are neutral and stable. They create order in the body which builds through the membrane of each living cell… igniting hundreds of thousands of bio and chemical reactions in each cell, at any one moment.

You have over 70 TRILLION cells that make up your entire body with unimaginable numbers of photons forming reactions that take nanoseconds and cause a cascade of long-term effects.

See The Science

Therefore, the more photons you can keep circulating in your body… the more light and life energy every one of your cells will have.

“It’s almost like MAGIC.” says British Quantum Physicist, Jim Al-Khalili, a multi-degreed expert in the fields of nuclear physics, quantum physics, and quantum biology. Physicists, chemists, and biologists have spent nearly a century trying to get used to this invisible energy having so much power in your body.   
Imagine having more of this incredible, stable, balancing, light and life-generating energy inside you – in greater amounts at all times! 

Click here to read WHY quantum is the new revolution 

of Magical Health.

Maybe you’ve heard that Quantum Computers are the revolutionary next generation of computing, and a true paradigm shift.

If it seems that the quantum computer runs on magic, you wouldn't be too far off.

Imagine a system that can make a calculation in 200 seconds that it would take the world's fastest supercomputer 10,000 years to handle… 

THAT’S the mind-boggling reality of quantum. It’s science fiction to us, but in the quantum world, it's business as usual. And yet even the scientists who work with quantum can't really explain it.

In the same way we’re entering into a revolutionary new generation of “Quantum Health,” and are seeing equally as grand effects in healing everything photons touch. This too is a true paradigm shift we haven’t seen before now.

Person after person is reporting radical, and even magical health turnarounds, when nothing else they’ve tried before made any real, lasting difference. Now, they have freedom from debilitations they thought they were stuck with for life.

How is both quantum computing and quantum healing THAT FAST and POWERFUL?

The Photon

When you absorb a photon into your body, it infuses every cell with pure, stable energy, which protects, opens, stabilizes, and maximizes all cell functions, instantly.

It’s like boosting your cells’ functionality to the nth degree… super-revving them up to quickly and fully process oxygen, blood, water, energy, and eliminate waste and toxins.

How do photons get from a Quantum 3 band into the body to

support health?

Photons are stored on Quantum 3 technology and get transferred into your body much like other energy waves are stored and transferred.  

For example, to make a quantum computer, photons are lasered onto chips that make these new computers process an unimaginable amount of information at the speed of light. 

In a similar way, photon frequencies are programmed onto the holograms inside all Q3 technology, much like music or movies are burned onto a CD or DVD.

And just like your skin automatically absorbs sunlight the instant it shines on your skin, and immediately uses it to make Vitamin D and melatonin…

In the same way, the photon frequencies from a Quantum 3 band are instantly absorbed when the hologram is ½ inch from your skin, and start working their magic in your body immediately, and cumulatively over time.

In the same way that a CD or DVD does not need batteries or electricity to work, Q3 technology requires nothing to make it work. You only need to wear it! No batteries, no charging, and no wondering if it’s helping your body. As long as Q3 technology is next to your skin, it’s working its magic!

Q3 Wearable Energy Technology Works. 

Now You Can Support Your Cells So Your Body Peak Performs...

Here's What Q3 Can Do For You

Reduce Physical and Mental Stress

Decrease Impact from EMF's*

Increase Energy, Strength & Endurance

Activate "Inactive" Muscle Mass

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Meet Q3 Inventor & Founder

My name is Mike Flynt.

I am the developer who brought Quantum 3 wearable technology to the market.

Together with a colleague who has extensive experience in the quantum world, and many different doctors, researchers, and other scientists, we have developed and tested what has so far been the most effective way to protect, strengthen, and de-age your entire body.
My degree is in Physical Fitness with my postgraduate studies in Physiology of Exercise. Do I have a medical degree or PhD? No, but I do have a PhD in Mike Flynt because I know what makes me feel better or worse, and I recognize when other people aren’t functioning at their capacity also.
As a strength and exercise physiology expert for most of my life, including many years directing sports programs at Texas A&M, the University of Nebraska, and University of Oregon, being one of the five original founders of the National Strength and Conditioning Association and being a certified Master of Fitness Sciences with the International Sports Sciences Association… I know the body inside and out. I know how you are supposed to function. 

I know how strong and stable the body is designed to be when it’s working at peak performance... when it can process water, oxygen, blood, energy, and all other life-sustaining nutrients that every cell in your body MUST HAVE to function not just correctly, but optimally.

Through my association with LeBron James, I was approached by a man with extensive knowledge and experience in quantum physics. I was absolutely blown away by learning how much man-made pollution is impacting our cellular functioning, and that includes kids and even your pets. From that moment on, I feel like my divine calling to do something to help protect and optimize the health and wellness of as many people as possible.

Now after 12+ years of R&D and cutting-edge medical testing, industry experts and scientists tell me that the Q3 band is the only quantum technology that actually works, with the science and real-life results to prove it.

Get to Know Mike Flynn: A Remarkable Story of Perseverance and Success!

🏈 Oldest (non-kicker) NCAA College football player in history - played linebacker at AGE 59!

🏋️‍♂️ Co-Founder of NSCA - the National Strength and Conditioning Association (the largest in the world, by far)

📚 LeBron James wrote the forward to Mike's book, The Senior.

🎬 The book has now been made into a FULL LENGTH FEATURE MOVIE in theatres only, starting in August 2024 - guessed it - The Senior. Some are calling it the NEXT RUDY.

🌍 Mike is currently in training to break the WORLD DECATHLON RECORD for his age group and has already bested almost all of the current records.


🗣️ Mike speaks to young people all over the country and coaches up High School Strength & Conditioning coaches.

💪 Q3 Technology was born out of Mike's love for kids and an effort to help them be healthier, happier, and their MOST SUCCESSFUL!  

People can FEEL the difference, immediately and over time...

Like Susan Hampton, who’s in her early 60’s…

“I was losing hope because I was pretty much immobile, I wasn’t getting out of the house much, and even had a handicap license plate. I had a constant limp and 24/7 discomfort from my left knee, right hip and lower back, plus many other health problems. 

I got my Quantum 3 band and put it on, and in 3 minutes, it was like I was in a dream, because I started to walk and I was not limping. And… I had NO DISCOMFORT AT ALL!

I slept with the Q3 band all night, and when I woke up in the morning I said to my husband, “Oh! I just want to relish in this feeling… because never in my life can I remember waking up feeling this relaxed!! 

A week later after wearing the band day and night (except in the shower or under water), I got my TOTAL range of motion back after years of discomfort and severe limitation from injuries and surgery on my upper arm and shoulder. For the first time in 7 years, I was able to lift my arms all the way up! I could lift and squeeze things with none of the shocks I’d been feeling from nerve issues. I can also now lift my knees and legs, and getting dressed is a breeze. I can bend down to pick things up off the floor and pop right back up. I literally feel 10 years younger! 

And the most surprising of all… After 4 weeks, my face was so soft. I just want to touch it all the time now because it feels like a baby’s skin!” 

Like Duane Dahl, who is 75 years old…

Duane is a rancher in Colorado who had major discomfort in his hips when swinging into the saddle, so he tried wearing a Quantum 3 band to see if it would help. 

The next day when Duane mounted his horse with the Quantum 3 band on his wrist, he did not experience any discomfort in his hips. 

On the Quantum 3 website, he watched a video of a college football lineman who instantly increased his ability to bench press 225 lbs from 15 to 24 reps just by wearing the Q3 band.

Duane decided to test his own strength by squeezing a bathroom scale as a strength test. 

Without the Q3 Band, he squeezed 117 lbs.

However, with the Q3 Band on his wrist, Duane was able to instantly squeeze 141 lbs.

How is this possible?

Simply by wearing the Q3 band every day, you become biologically younger, stronger, and more energetic than you would be without it. 


Backed By Science & Research

Don’t Let Another Damaging Second Go By! 

Get Your Own Q3 Wearable Technology Today...

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This breakthrough wearable technology can transform you into a stronger, healthier, and biologically younger person. Q3 significantly opens, strengthens, revives, and de-ages cells in test subjects by “canceling” internal stress and replacing unhealthy energy with healthy energy.

When the body absorbs these life-supporting frequencies, cells open into growth and repair mode.

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Meet Dr. Alex Loyd 

Best-Selling Author And Founder Of The Revolutionary Healing Codes Technique

Dr. Alexander Loyd, best-selling author and founder of the revolutionary Healing Codes technique, helps people live their happiest, healthiest and most successful lives. With a Ph.D. in psychology and ND in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Alex combines proven psychology, medical science, energy medicine, and spiritual principles to help you reduce stress, identify and heal the root causes of emotional and physical problems, and remove negative beliefs and barriers that hold you back from happiness and success. His techniques and practices have helped people all over the world experience whole life healing in their relationships, jobs, bodies, minds and spirits.

Dr. Alex Loyd stands by his products

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Warning: Not Your Typical Disclaimer

You may have a hard time believing some of the test results you see below done over 12 years, because existing literature says they can't happen, at least not in 60 seconds, or 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, which is the time period they all occurred in. We are NOT saying these test results "prove" anything, and Q3 is not meant to treat diagnose or prevent any illness or disease. All tests were pre/post anecdotal design, not controlled for placebo. To us they are relevant data concerning health issues, and indicators. To be completely honest, some of the tests are not susceptible to placebo according to existing literature. How do you placebo a dog or a cat to dramatically change the quality of their blood in 5 min? or how do you placebo a person to reduce their biological age or reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in 60 seconds? As you might guess, there is no way to do that. For instance pulse rate can be effected by placebo, but you would never see that be 100%. Placebo tends to be around 30%, and maybe over 50% if it's really powerful. But placebo would never be 100%, which is what our pulse tests were - 100% had their pulse go down within 60 seconds. So, we present this as relevant data and indicators of what "might" now be possible for your life and those you love. We say, try it and see for yourself with a lifetime guarantee*