Embracing Healing with Belief Mapping

Embracing Healing with Belief Mapping


In this case study, we explore the experiences and insights of Mrs. Renee Sproles and Dr. Alex Lloyd, highlighting the power of belief mapping in the healing journey. Rene's journey showcases how belief mapping can transform lives, promoting holistic healing and growth. 

TRY Belief Mapping and experience the LIFE-CHANGING results so many have already seen! And remember, if it doesn't work for you, I've got you covered! You owe it to yourself to take this chance and invest in your FUTURE!!


Renee Sproles share their experiences and insights regarding the powerful tool of belief mapping in the healing journey. This case study explores how belief mapping has proven to be an effective and transformative practice for Renee in addressing various aspects of her life.


Renee discovered belief mapping as an extension of her success with healing codes. During the Relationships Week of her healing journey, she engaged with belief mapping to explore her relationships with others, herself, and God. Through the belief mapping process, she actively worked on healing, forgiveness, and personal growth, monitoring her progress using a rating system.

Mind-Blowing Results

Belief mapping surprised Renee by bringing seemingly small issues to the surface, revealing deeper underlying struggles and challenges within her relationships. By uncovering these hidden issues, belief mapping enabled her to work through them, leading to healing, resolution, and personal growth. The simplicity of belief mapping allowed Rene to navigate complex emotions effectively and track her progress, resulting in tangible improvements in her relationships.

Lessons Learned

Renee initially had skepticism about investing in something new but recognized the value of belief mapping in her healing process. She learned that traditional medicine often addresses symptoms without tackling the root cause, while belief mapping treats the source of struggles. This experience taught her the importance of addressing the spiritual and emotional aspects of health, allowing for holistic healing and growth.

Bottom Line

Belief mapping, combined with healing codes, offers a comprehensive approach to healing, addressing the spiritual, emotional, and physical aspects of well-being. Renee's experience showcases the power of belief mapping in uncovering hidden issues, fostering forgiveness, healing relationships, and promoting personal growth. Through belief mapping, individuals can embark on a transformative journey towards freedom, wholeness, and a more fulfilling life.

Read the testimonials below to hear directly from those who have experienced miraculous results through the Belief Mapping component of my LT3 coaching program, the most extensive healing program I have ever offered

Somehow, "magically", I have gone from like 90% negative to 90%

Oh my gosh, everything is changing! I have slept great for 4 days this week. Last night for 10 hours - THAT NEVER HAPPENS, but is now! I have actually felt GOOD (at peace) after an argument with my spouse - NEVER HAPPENS, but is now!

Somehow, "magically", I have gone from like 90% negative to 90% positive - everyone I know is asking what has happened to me? Belief Mapping has happened to me! Everyone needs to know, when you start to feel this working it's like nothing else. The Belief Mapping is like a magic wand to me!


Beverly E.

  • Verified Buyer

This has been LIFECHANGING

The Belief Mapping is INCREDIBLE, just incredible! In one week I have had HUGE emotional experiences of release, laughter, and calmness. I am PROGRESSING at "light speed". This week I felt my heart open after decades of having a closed heart due to a terrible trauma. The pain has been replaced with a deep peace I never could have even imagined when I started this (only 2 weeks ago).

This has been LIFECHANGING in every way I can think of, physically, emotionally, and spiritually!

Thank You from the bottom of my heart!

Dr. Cameron P.

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Life is NOW graced and so amazing.

It's been a few weeks since our last contact with the Identity/Self-Worth LT3 class. I trust you are doing very well.

The LT3 process has been amazing. I'm diagramming clusters of events with Belief Mapping, and then doing the four codes: Who, Where, Why,

and What to Do About It in consecutive sessions, in 1-3 days. I've felt a lot of inner freedom and I'm more relaxed in my relationships with myself and others. Life is NOW graced and so amazing. Just 1-3 days for each issue - INCREDIBLE!

Danny P.

  • Verified Buyer

All my unforgiveness is gone

I came out of the womb a perfectionist. My whole life there has been no grey area - I like you or am angry with you - depending on "your" behavior toward me. Believe me, it's a rotten way to live, and I had tried everything to change it for 40 years. 1 week (yes you read that right - 1 week) of Belief Mapping and all my unforgiveness is gone - and this probably involves like 50 people. It's like I had a magic soul shower - that's the only way I can think of to describe it. If you have something holding you back in your life, DO BELIEF MAPPING OR QUIT COMPLAINING, and I told myself this before telling you.

Anna M.

  • Verified Buyer


In 3 weeks an issue I had been working on intensely for a year and a half has "fallen over a cliff" - GONE! 11 out of 12 issues I have crossed out, as they no longer bother me AT ALL! I have no idea how this works like a "EMOTIONAL MAGIC ERASER", but I can attest that IT DOES! (don't wait a week, a day, or an hour - DO BELIEF MAPPING NOW, and push your problem over the cliff).

Bill A.

  • Verified Buyer

NOW I believe he may have discovered a true "Cure All" 

Done it all for 30 years. Trying to survive alcoholism, OCD, rejection, horrible self-worth (no worth), and a few other little things. And confession: I have worked on this for 3 years with Alex, and while things have gotten better, in the last 7 days Belief Mapping has blown through these issues like a HEALING TIDAL WAVE - I can literally feel these problems going away hour by hour. All are way better now - after 7 days. I always knew Alex was smart and cared, but NOW I believe he may have discovered a true "Cure All" (if such a thing exists). Have never felt anything like this ever!

YIPEEEEEEEEEEE! My life just went from "struggle to get through every day", to "feeling like I'm flying".

Donald B.

  • Verified Buyer

Belief Mapping has COMPLETELY 180'D my entire life. 

I have felt like I'm about to die for around 15 years. It's many things: my husband, my new poverty financially, my nagging health issues (mainly emotional but Depression that has physical components like no sleep, extreme anxiety etc.) which all caused me to feel alone in a pit. After hundreds of attempts to crawl out, I was on the verge of giving up. Dr. 

Alex was my last chance. I really don't have the words. In the last 7 days Belief Mapping has COMPLETELY 180'D my entire life. EVERYTHING HAS CHANGED! How is that even possible when so many things had virtually no effect at all, and some made it worse. I don't know but I will forever be grateful!

Beatrice E.

  • Verified Buyer

Today after belief Mapping for 2 weeks: I'm doing VERY well! 

2 weeks ago: Feeling like I'm wandering around in a cornfield lately. Can't find my way out and everything I'm supposed to be doing to heal is just a massive wad of words, and this is now entering my 4th year of this "who in the world am I, what do I need to change, and how"?

Today after belief Mapping for 2 weeks: I'm doing VERY well! So much to tell you. So many things are so much more clear to me. I no longer say I have a long way to go. Rather, I'm on the journey to my best life TODAY!

Alex P.

  • Verified Buyer

Everything is dramatically better.

I’m the guy who has done it all over 30 years. NOTHING WORKS. That’s what I said when people asked me. It’s now been 21 days of LT3 and I am a different person than I was 3 weeks ago. So now I have to change my stock answer. LT3 and BELIEF MAPPING works. 

Everything is dramatically better. I am now able to slow down and experience life. I can step away if I need to and recover quickly. Before it was like my leg was tied to my car (problem). No MORE! Longstanding physical and nonphysical problems are just gone.

Erick W.

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TRY Belief Mapping and experience the LIFE-CHANGING results so many have already seen! And remember, if it doesn't work for you, I've got you covered! You owe it to yourself to take this chance and invest in your FUTURE!!