How Stress Is Making You Unhealthy

How Stress Is Making You Unhealthy

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We explore the effects of stress on health and how you can heal.

Stress has become the body’s single most damaging element to our health[1], and how do we know? We can see it.


Through the power of microscopes and Quantum Physics, we’ve now able to see an ‘invisible system’ of energy within the body.


When this energy is positive and flowing freely, we remain healthy; however, when this energy is negative, or out of whack, we can become sick.


According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention- stress is the source of 95% of illness.


Discover how stress affects your health and how you can eliminate it for good!





Stress manifests as negative energy stored in the body.


All the experiences we have in life are remembered by the body- memories, experiences, conversations- you name it.


Dr. Bruce Lipton, a world-renowned leader in Cellular Biology and Quantum Physics, stated that DNA ‘responds to signals from outside our cells.’


These electromagnetic signals are produced when we have interactions with the world, sending messages to our cells. This means that as we learn, grow, and adjust to the world, so to do our cells. Our body is constantly programming.


All of these memories and experiences ‘vibrate’ with either a positive or negative frequency, storing in the body over time, and affecting us both mentally and physically.


If we leave stress (negative energy signals) unprocessed, the scales begin to tip, and the bad outweighs the good.


Over time this begins to imprint on our cells, putting strain on our tissues and systems, making us sick.


When our immune system is under stress, it cannot function properly-this can delay or prevent healing, and cause disease and dysfunction.[2]





In our body, we have a branch of our nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system (SNS), responsible for our body’s response to stressors- physical, emotional, or environmental.


When we are stressed, our body produces cortisol which activates ‘fight-or-flight’ mode-i.e. we hit the survival button!


Our body begins to shut down any system not vital for survival and directs adrenalin to prioritize staying alive.


This would be great news if we were being attacked by a bear! However, our body is now sitting in this mode for sustained periods due to modern-day stressors.


The result? Our body can’t heal.




We know that when we are resting our body can repair.


However, the global pandemic has caused a huge amount of stress for many people, meaning we are living in sustained ‘fight-or-flight.’


It’s no surprise that our mental and physical health has therefore taken a hit.


This stress is also impacting the immune system – not exactly helpful during a pandemic!


The aim of the game- eliminate stress.




We’ve had a breakthrough!


Our whole-body health can be achieved through our energy system, and we have a way to treat that system- cure the source, not the symptoms.


We’ve developed a system to ‘reset’ the body and reduce your stress levels to almost zero, protecting the immune system, stimulating positive energy healing, and helping to restore the body’s balance.



According to Dr. Eric Nestler, MD, PhD., Yale University and past Director of the Division of Molecular Psychiatry at Yale, ‘harnessing this knowledge may provide one of the most powerful ways of curing illness.’



Find out how you can heal your body in minutes and eliminate your stress!


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd

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