5 Reasons To Try Trilogy And Transform Your Life

5 Reasons To Try Trilogy And Transform Your Life

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Have you ever wondered if there’s a simpler way to transform your health and your life?

Have you found yourself physically or emotionally depleted and you just cannot work out why?


Have you been looking for a simple way to transform your health?


Internal stress is the driving source of all mental and physical illness in our body.


The body is governed by an invisible energy system that feeds energy to our cells, tissues, and organs. When we store too much negative energy (stress), we can experience blockages, and overtime, illness.


I have developed a system called Trilogy for Health, a 12-step customized healing plan combining the world’s leading energy therapies into one treatment that can help to eliminate stress and promote healing.


Here are 5 reasons to try Trilogy For Health and kickstart your healing!


 Trilogy for health healing 1Trilogy for health healing 2




The American Psychological Association stated that stress is now a major health problem, with approximately one-third of Americans living with extreme stress.[1]


When our body experiences stress, we experience a sort of ‘trauma’, which carries negative frequencies of energy and stores in the very cells of our being.


High levels of this unhealthy energy can result in illness, due to its negative impact on our immune system.


We need to move this energy through the body, but how?


My Trilogy healing plan comes from years of testing therapies from around the world, and follows a specific sequence which moves energy through the body.


Each therapy complements the other, maximizing results!





I focus on whole-body health and tackle illness from the source, creating balance and harmony for body, mind, and emotion. This is where Trilogy originated from!


Trilogy helps to clear damaging energy and simulate healthy energy flow, rebalancing your system and hitting that reset button on your health.


Using the Trilogy for Health technique, you can choose to work on a general whole-body sequence, for a quick daily tune-up, or you can use a particular custom ‘coded’ sequence to work on specific health issues.


In the absence of stress, our body has the incredible ability to heal itself.




My very first energy healing method The Healing Codes has over 86% success rates!


From here, I developed the custom Trilogy sequences to develop Trilogy for Health, which gives you a health manual index of particular sequences to follow for any health condition.


This means you have a huge wealth of healing knowledge at your fingertips to use for whatever problem you are facing!


I provide sequences for anything from allergies, headaches, and anxiety to far more complex chronic health conditions and long-term illnesses.




I now have a 98% success rate using this method,


I worked with Dr. William Tiller, PhD., Stanford University, to test people with a range of health issues using:


1.    Heart rate variability

2.    Pulse

3.    0-10 emotional distress rating for each issue.


After performing this test on people, we re-tested after performing Trilogy.


Within 10 minutes, their emotional distress rating had dropped by at least 6 points! Heart rate variability (the medical test for stress) and pulse had both normalized.


This stress reduction can drastically improve physical and mental well-being and help to strengthen our immune system.





Anyone can use this healing method- you need only know how.


According to Dr. William Tiller, PhD., ‘future medicine will be based on controlled energy fields.’


It is still taboo for some, but energy healing is becoming one of the most popular healing techniques in modern day medicine.


And the best part? It’s completely accessible!


You can now access this technique and transform your health too.


Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd


[1] American Psychological Association. (2007, October 24). Stress a major health problem in the U. S. , warns APA [Press release]. http://www.apa.org/news/press/releases/2007/10/stress


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