These Delta 8 Gummies 200mg are Exempted from New Laws

These Delta 8 Gummies 200mg are Exempted from New Laws

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Delta-8 is one of the world’s best natural pain killers, sleep aids, and full-body stress relievers. In the past few years, it has been rightfully hailed as a miraculous health supplement—and in fact, the most common comment we receive on our Delta 8 Gummies 200mg is, “45 minutes after I take it, whatever was bothering me isn’t bothering me anymore!”

It’s enough to make you wonder why certain forms of Delta-8 are being banned by the new laws about THC. With all this controversy, it can be hard to know for sure what’s safe and what’s legal. We all want to be healthy and feel good, so what makes the difference? And why is this particular delta-8 completely legal, and more effective than any other kind?


It's All in the Greens

The new laws recently passed in several states prohibit certain types of delta-8 based on how they are derived. Fortunately, these conditions are simple. The new laws prohibit:

1.     Synthically derived delta-8, AND…

2.     Delta-8 containing illegal THC, derived from cannabis/marijuana.

In other words, our naturally derived, hemp-based Delta 8 Gummies 200mg are explicitly legal and unaffected by these laws. Which begs the question, why draw these distinctions?

Hemp-Based Delta-8 is a Different Animal

The difference all comes down to a particular chemical called delta-9, which is (shocker) closely related to delta-8.

Synthetic and cannabis-derived substances contain a high percentage of delta-9, which is responsible for many of those negative side effects, like feeling nervous, paranoid, or just zoned-out. Our hemp-based product contains less than 0.3% delta-9—meaning that you get all of the positives with none of the negatives!

·       Feel relaxed, mellow, and clear

·       Reduce stress and anxiety

·       Have more energy, not less

·       Enjoy better sleep

·       Oxygen-rich blood flow

·       Ease discomfort and achiness

Best by Test

Hemp and cannabis activate the body’s ECS (endocannabinoid system), making them the only plant in the world for which the human body possesses specialized receptors. One recent study set out to see if THC could harm the immune system, but discovered the opposite—that THC posesses tumor-killing abilities. In fact, it seems naturally suited to unlock our health, perhaps more so than any other natural substance!  

But we don’t stock anything unless we can stock the best possible version available. So Dr. Alex Nano Delta-8 uses nano technology to deliver the above targeted effects, with the best absorption of any delta-8 out there—and no negative side-effects, even at high dosages. The bottom line: 30 to 45 minutes after you take it, whatever was bothering you most likely won’t be bothering you anymore.

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