Trilogy Emotional Wellbeing or Trilogy for Health vs the New Trilogy Wellbeing

Trilogy Emotional Wellbeing or Trilogy for Health vs the New Trilogy Wellbeing

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I want to dive into the differences between Trilogy Emotional Wellbeing (Trilogy for Health) and Trilogy Wellbeing.

You may already be familiar with The Healing Code and Trilogy system, which focus on the 12 virtues versus vices and their impact on our emotions. These programs have been remarkably successful in addressing spiritual and emotional issues.

Now, let me introduce you to something groundbreaking:Trilogy Wellbeing (Trilogy Professional Grade Codes). This system, which has been the gold standard in natural health for the past 50 years, takes a completely different approach.

Unlike the previous systems that primarily focused on spiritual and emotional aspects, the Professional Grade Codes delve into the 12 major organs and body systems. We're talking about targeting the physical and chemical factors that play a significant role in our overall well-being. By addressing these underlying imbalances, we can bring about long-lasting changes that go beyond just our emotional state.

These new codes offer a holistic approach, combining the best of both worlds - the physical and emotional aspects of our health. They work synergistically with the existing Trilogy programs, serving as the missing link to unlock your optimal health.

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Many blessings to you,

Dr. Alex Loyd

Trilogy Wellbeing

Trilogy Wellbeing

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This home study program has BRAND NEW custom codes and process’s for Physical health, Chemical Balance and health, and structural health, as well as the underlying spiritual. This is also the FIRST EVER process that includes THE HEALING CODES +… read more

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