New York Times bestselling Author

#1 bestsellers in 7 Countries, top 10 bestsellers in 22 other countries. 

- Published in 40 countries, 30 languages 

- Millions sold! Largest Emotional Wellbeing Practice in the World

- Clients in 50 states 184 countries. 
- Have trained over 1000 mental/emotional health practitioners who use the "emology" system.
  • Discover the secrets of life, health, and prosperity

  • Explore the 10-second Instant impact technique for defusing daily stress

  • Discover how to activate a physical function built into the body that consistently and predictably removes the source of 95% of all illness and disease

  • Join millions of others that have enjoyed the benefits of the healing code

  • Results validated by tests and by the thousands of people from all over the world



And 2 University Comparison Studies that found it works better than the most popular counseling, therapy, or life coaching (cognitive behavior counseling).

These were studies applying them to people in many different situations and examined a wide range of issues such as:

  • Psychological Stress
  • Substance Abuse
  • Skin Cancer
  • Breast Cancer
  • Single Parent Stresses
  • Anxiety
  • Severe Pain
  • Migraines
  • Hypertension
  • Body Image
  • Mother-Daughter Relationships
  • Emotional Flexibility
  • Burnout
  • Drug Addiction
  • Self Esteem
  • Depression
  • Bulimia Nervosa
  • Sleep Quality
  • Substance Dependence
  • Self Healing

  • Domestic Violence
  • Marital Satisfaction
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Forgiveness
  • Diabetes
  • Psychological Hardiness
  • Mindfulness
  • Blood Pressure
  • Self-Acceptance
  • Positive Relationships with Others
  • Purposeful Life
  • Mastery of Environment
  • Autonomy
  • Individual Growth
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Lifestyle Improvement
  • Normalizing Weight
  • Healing Weight
  • Food Cravings

The Healing Code II Is Trusted By Thousands of Customers Worldwide



What you can’t see might be hurting you the most

Quantum 3 (Q3) is a breakthrough wearable technology that uses natural energy to eliminate stress and improve cell function, that helps our cells to fight and equalize against harmful electromagnetic frequencies.

Think of a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, it works the same way!

Noise-cancelling headphones have built-in microphones that record outside noise. The headset can then create exact, equal, opposite frequencies to cancel the wavelength out. Our technology neutralizes harmful wavelengths that lead to internal stress and cell shutdown in the body. How? By effectively ‘cancelling out’ these wavelengths, or, instead. ‘charging’ with neutral ‘healthy’ wavelengths, providing our cells with protection.

Scientifically Tested And Validated

Q3 has been proven to be effective on both adults and children

See how Quantum 3 restores blood flow and oxygenation

Your blood cells are a large part of what determines your overall health and the way you feel day after day. Blood cells carry oxygen and blood - two critical life forces - which rely on the health of those blood cells.

See The Science

See The Science

The live blood samples were recorded on video, and the results were unlike anything we’ve ever seen. 

This live blood analysis video shows the switch from unhealthy, coagulated, slow-moving blood cells that stick together, which indicates very low oxygenation. After just a few minutes of wearing the Q3 Band, blood cells undergo a transformation. They are now separated and flowing more quickly, which indicate cells that are high oxygen. Doppler imaging tests show blood flow increased by an average of 18% within 15 minutes of wearing Quantum 3 technology. This was observed in a 72 year old test subject, before and after. We also experienced these same results in dogs and cats which are not affected by placebo.

See The Results From Our Most Recent Study

of subjects experienced a regulated heartbeat

of subjects experienced lower core temperatures

of subjects experienced rejuvenated biological cell age
of subjects experienced stabilized blood temperature
of subjects experienced increased oxygenation

Here's What Q3 Can Do For You

Reduce Physical and Mental Stress

Decrease Impact from EMF's*

Increase Energy, Strength & Endurance

Activate "Inactive" Muscle Mass

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

Reduce Body Fat

Increase Hydration

Increase Oxygenation

Reverse Biological Age

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Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Quantum 3 Wearable Stress Cancellation Band

Take Control of your physical and mental stress today

$65.00$200.00Save 68%

This breakthrough wearable technology can transform you into a stronger, healthier, and biologically younger person. Q3 significantly opens, strengthens, revives, and de-ages cells in test subjects by “canceling” internal stress and replacing unhealthy energy with healthy energy.

When the body absorbs these life-supporting frequencies, cells open into growth and repair mode.

  • Stay Protected

  • Stay Strong

  • Stay Youthful

Black W/BuckleSlate W/ClaspSlate W/Buckle

30-day refund

Money back guarantee

Secure Payment

Multiple payment options

Start Living A Healthier Life

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Meet Dr. Alex Loyd 

Best-Selling Author And Founder Of The Revolutionary Healing Codes Technique

Dr. Alexander Loyd, best-selling author and founder of the revolutionary Healing Codes technique, helps people live their happiest, healthiest and most successful lives. With a Ph.D. in psychology and ND in naturopathic medicine, Dr. Alex combines proven psychology, medical science, energy medicine, and spiritual principles to help you reduce stress, identify and heal the root causes of emotional and physical problems, and remove negative beliefs and barriers that hold you back from happiness and success. His techniques and practices have helped people all over the world experience whole life healing in their relationships, jobs, bodies, minds and spirits.

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Meet Dr. Tim Adair

Considered One of the Top Practicing Chiropractor in the World

Dr. Adair has received many awards, including the Prestigious Dr.'s Award twice in 23 years. He graduated with honors in pre-med from Belmont University, earned certification in physiological therapeutics, and post-doctorate certification in applied kinesiology. He has over 500 hours of continuing education in acupuncture, nutrition and various techniques. His clients come from 36 states and 4 countries--all of whom travel to see him in person by plane or drive; on any given day he will see clients from at least 6 different states. In addition to treating patients, Dr. Adair is also a team doctor for a professional sports group where he treats athletes from around the world..

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed

Warning: Not Your Typical Disclaimer

You may have a hard time believing some of the test results you see below done over 12 years, because existing literature says they can't happen, at least not in 60 seconds, or 5 minutes, or 30 minutes, which is the time period they all occurred in. We are NOT saying these test results "prove" anything, and Q3 is not meant to treat diagnose or prevent any illness or disease. All tests were pre/post anecdotal design, not controlled for placebo. To us they are relevant data concerning health issues, and indicators. To be completely honest, some of the tests are not susceptible to placebo according to existing literature. How do you placebo a dog or a cat to dramatically change the quality of their blood in 5 min? or how do you placebo a person to reduce their biological age or reduce body fat and increase muscle mass in 60 seconds? As you might guess, there is no way to do that. For instance pulse rate can be effected by placebo, but you would never see that be 100%. Placebo tends to be around 30%, and maybe over 50% if it's really powerful. But placebo would never be 100%, which is what our pulse tests were - 100% had their pulse go down within 60 seconds. So, we present this as relevant data and indicators of what "might" now be possible for your life and those you love. We say, try it and see for yourself with a lifetime guarantee*

Backed By Science & Research

Many of Dr. Loyd's products and research have been peer reviewed
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