How healing thoughts work

How healing thoughts work

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Find out why mind-body healing isn’t pseudo-science.



“Our ignorance about healing vastly exceeds our understanding.” – Larry Dossey, M.D



In recent times, we have heard a lot about the power of the mind-body connection- how our mind can produce physiological changes in the body.


However, it has taken us a long time to truly understand, and believe, the power of our mind and its ability to heal us. 


If think about medicine, we are scientific and results-driven.


If we see the research laid out before us, we are more likely to trust that it is true and tangible.


Today there is a wealth of (growing) research around the power of the mind to heal the physical body.


I breakdown 6 science-based examples of mind-body healing.





As I have mentioned, the mind-body connection refers to our ability to use the power of our thoughts (mind) to promote physical healing in the body.


Let us consider the placebo effect.[1]


A placebo, i.e. something that appears ‘real’ (such as a medical procedure), but isn’t, can result in real physical and emotional change in our bodies.


When a person receives a placebo in a controlled study, they are unaware that they are not actually receiving treatment. Many times the person will experience positive results and healing anyway!


Studies have confirmed that placebos can cause measurable neurobiological changes to our signaling pathways; mind over matter!.[2]





In my article When Someone Close To You Is In Pain, I mentioned a study[3] led by Larry Dossey, M.D., in which he discussed how prayer showed to speed up healing and recovery in those receiving prayer.


Not only did he find this to be true, but he also found profound impacts on physical and emotional well-being- all resulting from prayer.


And we’ve known about this for longer than we think!


In Albert Einstein’s experiment on action at a distance, Einstein found that peoples thoughts are connected and affected at a distance- even as far as 100 miles away!


Therefore, positive thought toward another person has the potential to make a difference, even if they are far away.


In another study published by the British Journal of Psychology, 35 studies were examined to see whether the intention of a person could interact and influence the physiology of another.


They found a statistically significant positive difference across the studies.[4]


And medicine is listening!


Over 101 medical schools now use spirituality in their curriculum.


Harold G Koenig, MD, Duke University, even actively recommends prayer and encourages doctors to ask patients for their spiritual history.[5]





Meditation uses the mind-breath connection to activate our parasympathetic nervous system, helping our body switch from fight-or-flight mode to a rest-and-repair state.


There is now plenty of evidence indicating that meditation can improve our physical health, including the reduction of stress and improvement of performance.[6]


Visualization boasts the same effects!


Research shows that the mental practice of a sport or activity can activate similar brain patterns to those seen when we perform in real life.


‘Getting in the zone’ helps train the brain and is a method adopted by public speakers, performers, and athletes, to prepare for physical events.


In my article How Stress Is Making You Unhealthy, I discuss how mental stress manifests as negative energy in the body, damaging cell function and making us sick.


By using techniques which work by adopting a positive mental attitude, we can reduce stress and begin to heal the body.


Hypnotherapy is a popular mind healing technique that works by allowing the subconscious mind to open and the conscious mind to relax.


This form of therapy has been used to help with symptoms of IBS and stress, as well as helping people quit smoking!





Our brain is responsible for producing natural substances that help us to stay healthy and happy, for example- endorphins.


A study showed that maintaining a positive outlook allows the brain to produce chemicals in response to our mood, giving us a boost in healing power. [7]


Dr. Joe Dispenza combines quantum physics, neuroscience, brain chemistry, and biology to show that we can rewire the brain, and mind, to make physical and measurable changes.


For example, by retraining our brain to think differently about certain aspects of our lives, we can influence our physical experience of the world.


Dr. Joe Dispenza indicates that this can be done all from within our brain using meditation techniques.





I recently wrote an article on the vagus nerve, where I explained that our gut and mind are connected.


If you aren’t familiar with the vagus nerve, it is the nerve in our body that controls our parasympathetic nervous system.


Known otherwise as ‘the wandering nerve’, the vagus nerve networks the brain to our organs, tissues, and other nerves throughout the body.


Our vagus nerve is mostly sensory, creating a conversation between the brain and our organs.


Our brain and our gut can converse!


Dr. Kevin Tracey, a neurosurgeon in New York, found a neural mechanism that could control our response to infection and illness; he discovered a connection between our brain (sending signals) and our organs (responding!)[8]


In short, our brain signals can turn off inflammatory and stress responses in the body, promoting healing from some chronic illnesses.





You may have heard of the law of attraction.


It is our ability to put focus on our thoughts to obtain physical results. 


If we consider visualization, it works in the same way.


If we visualize for action it can help us to create change by priming our mind and body for what we aim to achieve.


In the same way that physical exercise trains our muscles, visualization trains our thoughts into action and helps us to attract change.


In addition, behaving as though we have already achieved our desires (and living in that way) can help to encourage that outcome- remember- brain power!


As I mentioned earlier, it’s about maintaining a positive outlook.




Firstly, we tap into spirituality which can help to reduce stress and lower depression.[9]


Secondly, quantum physics has improved our understanding of the universe substantially in recent years.


It has helped us to learn that the mind has a direct relationship with the universe and all physical outcomes.


If we consider that we, and our cells, are all made up of energy (and so is the universe), quantum physics indicates that these energy frequencies communicate with each other.


This suggests that we are therefore also able to change our frequencies to vibrate at a higher or lower level.



I am a firm believer that positive thought and prayer can help us to heal and improve our ability to heal others.




I have developed a powerful self-directed healing method by combining the top 12 most successful energy healing methods into one.


The Trilogy Effect is a method designed to provide whole healing- body, mind, and emotion, and combines practices such a reiki therapy and breathing techniques.


In stages 11 and 12 of my healing plan, we focus solely on the mind and how it can help your healing journey.




In stage 11 we use prayer. It is a healing stage that gives us time to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings, allowing us the opportunity to turn negative thoughts into hope.


This stage is designed to change our outlook by allowing us to truly process issues or situations, past or present.


Step 12 of my Trilogy method uses releasing statements.


During this process, we replace the old (negative thoughts) with the new (positive thoughts), allowing the body to become unstuck.


This involves using a series of statements that can help us to identify any internal blocks.


Our cells store physical experiences as energy, meaning our body can encounter blockages if the experience isn’t worked through.


When we identify a block, we work through it in steps using the 11 healing modalities included in my trilogy method.


Once a blockage has been worked through, we move onto the next step until we have worked through every block; this helps the body heal from anything the mind has been storing as an emotional experience.


I truly believe that healing requires our whole being, not just treating physical symptoms.



Find out more about Trilogy for Health and how you can kickstart your healing journey with me!



Have a blessed, wonderful day!


Alex Loyd



You can view Dr. Alex Lloyd’s video ‘When Someone Close To You Is In Pain’ HERE.



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