“Profound” Pain Relief!

“Profound” Pain Relief!

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All Natural CBD Oil Hits the Opioid Receptor with
NO Addictive or Psychoactive Properties


Ten years ago, Richard Holt had a freak accident—he fell 24 feet from his hotel window and crashed onto the concrete sidewalk below. For Richard, the next decade was a never-ending toil towards a recovery that always seemed out of reach… until he tried this miraculous oil which has existed for 10,000 years.

Richard’s left heel was crushed by the fall, he had broken bones in both legs, and his right tibia and fibula were detached from their couplings and shattered. After many operations and months of physical therapy, he was able to take his first small steps unsupported, but even years later every step was excrutiating. At one point he even rated his pain as a 10, which according to the scale used by doctors is the worst pain he could imagine!

What’s worse, Richard had to make the decision to walk away from the opioid painkiller his doctors prescribed, uncomfortable with how it made him feel and not wanting to become an addiction statistic. It was starting to look as though he would spend the rest of his life in agony…

Yet Today, He Is Back At Martial Arts

For Richard, the miracle came when he turned to an ancient oil called cannabidiol, or CBD oil.

As you might guess, this oil comes from the marijuana plant—but it is NOT the same thing as medicinal marijuana. Of the more than 100 chemical compounds the plant contains, but only one, THC, can alter a person’s mental state. CBD oil, on the other hand, isn’t psychoactive at all!

But despite that, CBD oil influences the receptors in your brain that deal with pain—including the opioid receptor, which is the same one targeted by Big Pharma’s most dangerous and addictive drugs.

We’re seeing more and more stories like this one that show the power of CBD in treating pain and many other conditions. In fact, research published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and other peer-reviewed journals found that CBD oil can succesfully treat:[1]

·       Cancer

·       Heart disease

·       Anxiety and depression

·       Inflammation

·       Alzheimer's

·       Diabetes

·       Arthritis

·       Epilepsy and seizures

·       Neuropathy

·       Inflammatory bowel disease

·       Multiple sclerosis

·       Glaucoma

Just like Richard, this millenia-old remedy can make a profound difference in YOUR life… and our CBD is more effective than any other on the market because we augment the ancient with modern technology to make sure our CBD is Water Soluble! So while 90 percent of other CBD oils go through your system without being absorbed by the cells, our CBD is 90 percent absorbable—all with NONE of the risks that would normally be associated with other pharmaceuticals.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd


[1] Fernández-Ruiz J., et al. “Cannabidiol for neurodegenerative disorders: important new clinical applications for this

phytocannabinoid?” Br J Clin Pharmacol. 2013 Feb.

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