The Miracle Oil

The Miracle Oil

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In 1848, a Hungarian physician named Ignaz Semmelweis ordered his students to wash their hands before attending to patients in the maternity ward, thus dropping the mortality rates of women in that ward from about 18 percent to less than 2. He theorized—over 10 years before Pasteur’s germ theory was published and began to be widely accepted—that physicians had to be carrying something between their patients that was causing them to sicken.

Semmelweis would go on to face adversity and criticism for his ideas, but I like to think instead of the dozens or hundreds who survived because of them—people lucky enough to benefit from science far ahead of its time. Today, you have that same opportunity.

Doctors are calling it a “Miracle Oil”: a substance that activates a hidden system running throughout your whole body, from brain to organs to  intestinal tract, muscles, and even bones. This newly discovered system appears to maintain the balance of nearly all bodily functions! In fact, many doctors are beginning to believe that the whole reason for diseases, chemical imbalances, and even aging is a gradual wearing down of this hidden system, largely due to stress.

That’s why CBD is being hailed as a Miracle Oil, not just because of its relaxation properties, its ability to ease day to day pains and promote bodily comfort, but because our body appears specifically evolved to be brought into perfect, healthy balance by it. In fact, we now know that every single cell in our body has a dedicated CBD receptor, which is not true of any other substance on earth. That’s why you’re cheating yourself if you don’t try it. Not because it was made for you, but because you were made for it.

Have a blessed, wonderful day!

Alex Loyd

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